September Roundup

And just like that the first Ber month is over and we’re wrapping off the second week of October already! There’s still a lot for me to do and it feels like I don’t have enough time. I guess that’s what happens when you’re enjoying where you are and who you are with. Hong Kong is so good to me, I’m not even thinking of leaving.

I’ve figured I’ll do a September Roundup to better document how the past month was to me. Consider it a Life Lately but more detailed. I wanted to post this a week ago but it kinda stayed in my drafts section as I was a bit preoccupied. Nevertheless, better late than never!


My first weekend back in Hong Kong was in a junk and I feel like it might be the last one as the weather is starting to get cold now.
Junk Parties in Hong Kong
Junk Parties in Hong Kong
Junk Parties in Hong Kong
Then we went to Sea Ranch for some BBQ and wine by the beach, jetski and waterski
Sea ranch Hong Kong
Beach BBQ
Sea ranch Hong Kong
It drizzled a bit so Mr Rainbow made an appearance
Gregoire Tavernier
Sea ranch Hong Kong
Sea ranch Hong Kong
We also attended a surprise birthday celebration at Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay

Food, Drinks and everything in between

I was craving for some Dimsums and after going to Tim Ho Wan, it was time for a new place. Hello Dimsum Square!
Dimsum Hong Kong
And finally went to the Horse Races at Happy Valley!
Happy Valley Horse Races
Happy Valley Horse Races
Life savior! This local place where they serve breakfast all day, bacon ♥
Hong Kong
For Mid Autumn Festival, we went to Greg’s friend’s place for a rooftop BBQ, wine and mooncakes :)
Mid Autumn Festival Hong Kong
Rooftop BBQ
Drinking games, as usual I still suck at beer pong (lol) but I kinda enjoy Slap Cup
Slap Cup
Weekends mostly spent with these people, finishing the night way too late, but still fun!
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Best food to make you less hangover? This Ramen that we went after finishing drinking at 5AM
Ramen Hong Kong

How about you, how was your September?

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  1. It seems like you and your buddies had a blast … September was just a so-so for me haha.. Didn’t get a chance to travel or do anything exciting last month but I’m hoping my October would be more exciting

  2. Wow, your September was pretty much the beach and fooooooooooood. Mine was more like couple time, writing, online shopping, taking pictures, cooking, kids, kids, kids and more kids all at home haha.

  3. Looks like you really had so much fun last month. I would have loved to be in that boat too! You all looks happy. Hehe. This made me an idea to post how my September went. It was also fun, just in a different kind of way. I feel like my entire September was full of blessings.

  4. This is so much fun! Being with friends /people you love is priceless.
    I miss my friends now. I’ve been busy with business for the month of September, not complaining tho it’s a good problem anyway ^ ^

  5. I thought that there’s no beach in HK! hahaha, after all this time i was stereotyping it! :) OH, beach and the party! I love HK now! hahahahaha.

    hope you can visit my blog so i could add you on my linkex project!

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