Goodbye 2015, hello 2016!

It is time to finally let go of what was and embrace and have faith in what could be. 2016 is our year, believe in it and everything will follow! So make sure to leave all your burdens, doubts and problems in 2015. Remember, a new year means new beginnings.

2015, just like every other year was a rollercoaster but overall good. Many places were crossed out on my list and I am extremely happy that I was able to make it happen! My social skills were also put to the test that led me to meet a bunch of amazing people, including my boyfriend.

I have honestly saw life in a whole new perspective. I now have a clearer view of my part in this world. I have been struggling with quarter life crisis for the longest time and getting over it is such a relief!

Anyhow, our holiday trip in Sri Lanka has ended. That explains the lack of post, but I was still doing my best to Snapchat, tweet and ‘gram. Wi-fi was not really the best, but oh well, I survived!

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To officially start my 2016, I made a mini new year’s resolutions list. (I got asked about this when I was in Sri Lanka and it was a bit embarrassing because I couldn’t give any at that time!)

1. Re-connect with people.

I have been away for a few months and I am bad at maintaining a constant communication #truestory. I treasure my family and friends but how would they know that if I distance myself? So this year, everything will change!

2. Communicate better.

I often get hurt because of miscommunication (AKA me not communicating, saying what I really want and need). I remember how my boyfriend told me that he can’t guess all the time (somewhere along those lines). He is right, I can’t expect someone to know what’s in my head all the time. I learned the hard way that’s for sure!

3. Travel more.

I want to go to so many places with Greg. There are just so many to see and it is better to start early! So far, we put a ✓on Sri Lanka.

4. Be consistent.

This applies to all aspects in my life, esp. blogging. I hate to say this but I have been a little out of it, not sure if it is the lack of inspiration or writer’s block. I love writing and meeting people through my blog and social media, and I honestly don’t see myself stopping what I am doing anytime soon!

5. Vlog

I have been thinking about this lately. It’s not that I am bored taking photos or what, but I feel like I’ll be able to share more if I start vlogging. I’ve been on the internet, researching for a camera. Thinking about a Fujifilm XA1?

So there goes my mini NYR. Of course, the standard like be stable, have a career, get rich, etc etc is still there. But the most important thing is to enjoy life!

Happy new year! What are your new year’s resolutions?

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  1. Elizabeth O.

    Love your New Year resolutions, especially traveling more and being consistent. We all need that in our lives. I hope you have a great year ahead!

  2. Travelling is in a lot of people’s to do list, and it should be for everyone. To unwind. To learn. To experience new things. To meet new people. Going further away from home the more exciting.

  3. Sri Lanka is one of the places I want to go too after hearing much about it from locals of Cambodian when we had our Vietnam-Cambodia tour last year. The pictures all look awesome and we are excited to travel!

  4. I like the number one. In my case, however, I’d like to reconnect by putting my phone down and start to have real conversations. I think it will make my 2016 more productive – spending time with people who matter.

  5. Kai

    i wanna get myself a sony a6000 for my blog. simply because it is the best mirrorless camera out there. it can even outrun dslrs. <3
    i like that you put BE CONSISTENT in the list. i should really take that too.

  6. I have been seeing a lot of bloggers wanting to launch a vlog. Waaaah. I was offered by a network before to create a channel on youtube but i declined bc i dont know how ill start. Goodluck to you! I hope you’ll be able to achieve your goal! :-)

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