Bloggers Talk: Valentine’s Day

Hi guys! I’m featuring a new category here on Hey, it’s Chel called Bloggers Talk wherein I will be interviewing other bloggers about a certain topic. Since, February 14th is just around the corner, what better way to kickstart this new series with the question: How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

I’m personally looking forward to see my boyfriend and finally celebrate together. He sent me flowers last year with the sweetest note ever (I was in Manila because of work commitments).

Anywayyyy, let’s all get to know the name behind the blogs we love to read and what they are up to for this VDay!


Kaycee Enerva

Kaycee Enerva of


Jasmine of

claudeth mercado

Claudeth Mercado of


Zerin Hassan

Zerin Hassan of


Aiza of

Jen Salisbury

Jen Salisbury of


Beth G of

Ghicelle Pedro

Ghicelle Pedro of


Tameka Chung

Tameka Chung of

Jamila Joyce Castillo

Jamila Joyce Castillo of

Ashley Manly of

Ashley Manly of

Jescille Daquila

Jescille Daquila of


Alyssa Tuangco blog

Alyssa Tuangco of

Rowena Conde

Rowena Conde of


Den Noble

Den Noble of


Ashly Ryan

Ashly Ryan of

Leomy Sanchez

Leomy Sanchez of


Hope you guys enjoyed this and feel free to let me know what topics you’d love to read next time for Bloggers Talk :)

How about you, how are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?




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