Making polls is enjoyable but the process of making it is sometimes too tedious. Lets also not forget the part where people choose an answer, but before doing so, they have to register and give out their details.

Thanks to APEO, a simple, fast and no chatter hassle-free poll has been created.

I’ve always wanted to ask all my readers what they think about certain topics but I can’t find a way that won’t be too bothersome. Since I discovered APEO, I will be inserting polls as often as I can ūüôā¬†We will all see the¬†feedback from your on-going platforms simultaneously while giving you the choice between spreading the word and a more targeted approach. The answers are anonymous so you

I downloaded the Apeo App on AppStore and the interface is very easy. Just need to register email and password if you would like to create a poll.

Apeo Easy Poll Creation

After registering, you can choose between the answer type and the background of the poll can be customised.

When the poll has been created, you have the option to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Whatsapp, Website, etc.

All the answers are anonymous, and there’s no need to register if you would simply like to answer an Apeo poll.

Apeo is a free app that provides real-time result so we can all quickly understand and even analyze the response and share it on social media too.

Apeo Poll

I highly encourage that you try out Apeo. It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger or just¬†really curious to find out what other people think about a topic. Apeo is free and hassle-free so you don’t lose anything, instead gaining additional insights.

My first Apeo Poll: