Must Visit Beaches in Hong Kong

Must Visit Beaches in Hong Kong

Empacho Restaurant and Bar Tomas Morato

Empacho Restaurant and Bar Tomas Morato

Backpacker or Flashpacker Which One Are You?

Backpacker or Flashpacker Which One Are You?

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Welcome to Hey, it's Chel - a lifestyle and travel blog maintained by Chel Inumerable, where she writes about her life experiences, traveling, reviews and anything in between. She is currently in Manila ?? Read more.


Zipline: Umgawa Legendary Adventures in Langkawi, Malaysia
Zipline: Umgawa Legendary Adventures in Langkawi, Malaysia
Langkawi in Malaysia is probably one of my favourite places in Asia. There's so much things to do in this island and yes that includes,...
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Reviv Serums TelomErase Serum: Blog Review

Earlier this month, I received two deluxe travel size bottles of Reviv Serums TelomErase Serum. It was just in time as I was almost done with the one I was using. Upon opening the package, I can’t help but smile at Reviv Serum’s catchy tagline: You can’t buy happiness. But here you …

Life Lately v.7

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’m currently in Singapore to spend time with family. My niece is on a school holiday so I get to really spend loads of time with her. Unfortunately, Chewey, passed away earlier this week. She is my brother and sister-in law’s 10 year old …

Winter Wishlist

I am currently in Singapore but soon I’ll be traveling to Hong Kong and I’ll be saying hello to its Winter season. Though HK doesn’t have snow, I was told that it can get really chilly. Since I don’t have a lot of denim jackets, I went online and searched …

My Airport Routine

I have been traveling a lot this year and I think I have been to different airports more than 10 times already. With that experience, I have already gotten used to a routine that works for me. I’d like to share it here because I know this can be a …

Hello, November

November is my birthmonth making it my favourite time of the year but I didn’t realise how eventful it will be. I knew that I was celebrating  my birthday the day after my boyfriend’s and that his parents are coming over. Turns out it was more than that because it was …