I have finally updated my iPhone 5 to ios 8. I have no qualms so far and I might do a quick post about it soon. I honestly think, it looks good but we’ll see.
I had to backup everything because the very first time I updated my phone, I lost everything. Something went wrong in the process, I dont know, remembering it is still painful for me lol.
Moving on, I was browsing thru my photos and I saw a lot that I haven’t posted yet. These set of Melbourne photos were actually taken in June. I used VSCOcam for post-processing and I have a clip-on lens, the 3-in-1 type that I bought in Manila for the wide lens effect. It’s not the best because no matter how I fix it, the edges still show.
I don’t want to bore you any longer with my random blab, so here’s how our day went:
We woke up early and drove to the train station. We opted to use the train because we didn’t want to worry about parking once were in the city. We just parked the car in the station then off we go.
I like how you can easily plan your trip here in Melbourne. You can download the app and it will give you what time the next bus/tram/train will be. I know Singapore has this type of app too. 
The transportation card that we use here is called a Myki Pass. You can top it up with a min of $10 for your trip. Its used for buses, trams, and trains. There’s even a two hour window that you will only be charged once no matter where you go, and whatever you ride in. Pretty cool, huh?
Our train stop was at Flinders Street Station and this is me doing a tourist photo op lol
Photo of Flinders Street Station from afar.
From here we walked around, entered shops and stopped for photos.
My boyfriend admiring the architecture (?) haha
A bicycle ride around Melbourne is still on my to-do list. I haven’t crossed it out because, well, I don’t know how to ride a bike, so I need to learn first.
Tram in the city
The alleyways of Melbourne is full of shops and cafes and restaurants. Every turn you  make is a new discovery. There’s a lot of laneways to check out here, we didn’t even get to see all.
Chinatown in Melbourne
We had japanese for lunch at this place in one of the alleyways that we walked at.
We went inside Myer to buy some makeup and asked if they had Urban Decay products. It turns out the brand was pulled across Australia.
The best milk chocolate I ever had was from Lindt. It was really really good that I wanted to come back the next day but he said I should try Max Brenner.
Steepest elevator. Freaked us both because we felt like we were going to fall or something
Inside the first H&M in Melbourne

I have more pictures to share and tips just in case you will be visiting Melbourne for a holiday, it’ll come in handy. One full day is not enough to go around the city, there’s so much to see and do.