When we were driving to the shops we saw that Taco Bill was open and had 1/2 price sign. Since we were craving for tacos since yesterday, and haven’t had dinner yet we were like “why not?” Turns out it was one of those bad decisions we made. As the title says, we were very disappointed with almost everything.
Almost because, Fuat and I loved the appetizer that they served once you are seated in the table. Nachos and the dip kept us company while we wait for our food for what felt like eternity. It took almost more than 30 minutes before it was served.
We had seafood quesadilla suprema ($23.95) and Beef Fajitas ($25.95) plus sour cream, cheese and salsa ($4.00) and a jug of lemon lime bitters
As described in their menu:
Seafood Quesadilla Suprema – Large flour tortilla filled with frijole con queso, cheese, tomato, onion, our homemade salsa fresca and prawns and scallops. Baked then on top with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa and served with rice.
Beef Fajitas – Our no. 1 favorite! Thinly sliced strips of marinated rump steak with red and green capsicum and onion, served “sizzling” and accompanied by house made guacamole, Mexican rice and warm flour tortillas. To be eaten wrapped in tortillas “taco style.”
The food didn’t taste fresh. The flavors were off. The beef felt like you are chewing a gum. The jug of lemon lime bitters tasted like it was 90% filled with water. The staff were friendly but the service was slow. It was really bad to the point that he said, Taco Bill is in his ban list from now on. Oh and we saw a maggot fly inside.
Taco Bill is located in 31 Taylors Rd St Albans VIC Melbourne Australia
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