We woke up late and hungry this afternoon, not to mention lazy so the only plausible option for us was to eat out. Our first option was this mexican restaurant as we were craving for tacos but when I went down the car to check, it was closed. We drove to another place, still the same. Fuat remembered Slices which is fine for me because I love Italian food. (I suggested La Porchetta initially but he prefered somewhere closer.)
Upon entering, the place was empty. And the service was bit tad slow. I could tell that my boyfriend wasn’t happy. Anyway, we took a look at the menu and instantly knew what we were getting.

Margherita (looks burnt but it was alright)
 Fisherman’s basket
Penne Marciana
 We had Lemon Lime Bitters for drinks (not in photo)
The food was average. Service was slow. Fisherman’s basket and Penne Marciana are def a must-try. Should we come back, we will try something from the desert menu.
Slices is located at Taylors Lake, Keilor, Melbourne Australia
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