I’ve been doing a little online shopping lately and my boyfriend calls me a shopaholic which I detest. This prompted me to Google it, and let me share some here (credits to www.huffingtonpost.com):

1. You have a daily routine that consists of cycling through online retailers to see what’s new and what’s on sale. (I’m guilty of this! I always check discounted items though.)
2. You get more promotional emails than real emails.
(Got me again. I just can’t help not to subscribe.)
3. You are disgusted every time something arrives that isn’t what you expected. (yup, like utility bills, or your neighbors mail that the postman accidentally interchanged)
4.You get really excited when you get a package in the mail. (You can’t contain your happiness, you just want to rip the packaging off while walking back to your room.)
5. You fly into an uncontrollable rage when the item you want is “sold out.” (Enough said.)
As for my story, online shopping is probably one of my favorite things to do here in Melbourne because I don’t need to worry about customs etc that usually happens in Manila. Ever since Fuat showed me ASOS, it was love at first sight. Aside from the photos of the clothes, you can watch a video of models wearing it and doing a “catwalk”, it gives you a good idea on how it looks. ASOS run a lot of sales plus they give out promo codes which they usually send via email or sometimes available in the website.
Today, I received my ASOS package. Everything I bought were on sale plus free shipping. I placed my order 5 days ago and was surprised (and happy) that it came earlier than expected. If only online shopping websites in the Philippines were as this good.
Here are the items I got:
ASOS Top with Long Sleeves and V Neck $19.01 NOW $5.93
Daisy Street Jersey Smock Dress $30.40 NOW $14.82
-I have to return this because even if it was my size, it didn’t fit nicely. A bit too big for me. Luckily, ASOS has a very easy return process.
ASOS CURVE Exclusive Filigree Flower Necklace $15.21 NOW $5.93
Vero Moda Jersey Strap Back Top $19.01 NOW $9.88
This was my second time to order from ASOS. The first time was in June, also my first time to visit Melbourne. If you’re really an avid shopper of ASOS, it is highly suggested that you become a premiere member (lots of perks, including unlimited next day delivery). We recently just knew that his premiere membership expired last month so we weren’t able to use it anymore.
Here were the items I bought:
Club L Bodycon Dress with Cut-Out Waist RRP $43.71 NOW $19.61
ASOS Double Pocket Scarf $39.53 NOW $11.76
New Look Petite Peplum Shell Top $17.63
Only Jersey Maxi Dress $22.82 NOW $17.65
New Look Pastel Rose Print Bodycon Mini Dress $28.50 NOW $21.57
Plus 10% discount upon checkout
Looking at the signs and my experience, I still don’t consider myself as an online shopaholic. Mainly because I wouldn’t really blow my wallet and buy everything. I just get the ones that I need then ogle at all the beautiful clothes.
How about you, what’s your take on online shopping?