It’s a beautiful day today at Melbourne. We just got home from a lovely lunch at Switch Lifestyle at Watergardens. We were actually supposed to go to the Royal Melbourne Show but we decided it was best to go tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the weather tomorrow would be as nice as today.
When we were ushered to our table, we were given the breakfast menu because it was only a couple of minutes past 11am. We were told that breakfast was until 11:30am and they’ll start serving lunch at 11:30am as well, so we were a “little bit in the crossover” (words of our server). We asked for the lunch menu so we could compare and choose which ones to order. We took a look at both and opted to wait for a couple of minutes since we were getting our order from the lunch menu. At exactly 11:30am our orders were taken and surprisingly, the wait did not antagonize us. Here’s what we got:
Entree: Salt and Pepper Calamari ($13)  lime & chili aioli, asian salad add chips ($4.5)
I’m in love with their calamari. The flavor blended together so well and the asian salad was heavenly. Its probably the best calamari I had so far. This is available as a main for $19
Mains: Chicken parma without ham ($25) hand crumbed, crispy chips and house salad
 He has been craving for chicken parma since last week and finally it was satisfied. He liked the house salad the most because he doesn’t usually eat red pepper but that wasn’t the case here. 
The lunch box: Perri perri chicken ($17) shaved perri perri chicken, smashed avocado, lettuce, tomato, perri perri mayo with house salad
 It was served on a turkish bread and it was really good. A little spicy but very tolerable. To be honest, I wasn’t as excited as he was with the house salad because the dressing was too strong for me. It wasn’t bad, it was just too sweet for me. 
 When we left people started coming in. Completely understandable because for the past two days the weather was pretty bad and today the sun’s out, of course who wouldn’t take advantage of that? 🙂

We enjoyed the whole dining experience. The service was perfect, friendly staff, delicious food, and cozy ambiance. We are looking forward to coming back and ordering pizza and pasta.
Switch Lifestyle is located at R05 Station Street Watergardens Town Centre, Taylors Lake VIC Melbourne, Australia
 You can also visit their website at
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