This weekend was spent at Royal Botanical Gardens for Listen Out 2014. It’s Australia’s boutique national dance music event bringing quality dance music to four spectacular inner city venues across Australia during spring.
According to their website,”the antidote to many of the things you don’t like about big music festivals, Listen Out is a carefully handcrafted party with a killer lineup of the dance music that matters and a philosophy of best, not biggest: Say goodbye to endless timetable clashes, long hikes to the 12th stage and spending your day with 50,000 people you can’t relate to. Listen Out is the right event for the right people.”
We bought the tickets months before and I’m glad we did because it easily got sold out. I didn’t want to miss all these artists that I discovered and grew to love thanks to 8tracks.
I was so thankful because the weather that day was so beautiful! It was sunny and just the right amount of wind to keep you fresh.
I was torn between wearing my skinny jeans and shorts but looking at the projected weather, it wouldn’t be that cold. I still brought my cardi just to make sure because it might take a sudden turn for the worst (bipolar weather, they say).
Pregame: Wine + Beer
We didn’t download the map, what we did was we just followed the people and walked towards the music.
We arrived past 3pm and I was surprised to see the event almost packed.
This is where we stayed most of the day but Fuat and I moved to stage 909 for Shlomo. I swear I was shattered I didn’t see Ta-Ku etc because they were playing at the same time that Chet Faker and Zhu was on.
It was getting harder and harder to walk around and I felt a bit claustrophobic but with more beers, I easily got over it lol
Don’t lose me!
The burger line was so long and we couldn’t really be bothered to walk around and find another place for food.
We left as soon as Flume was finished. Overall, it was a nice event some didn’t like it and I understand where they are coming from. For one, the music wasn’t really that loud enough that will give you the urge to dance, you can actually strike up a conversation without any difficulties in hearing or understanding what the other person is saying. Second, most of the artists are not that mainstream though Chet Faker x Zhu x Flume are getting more commercialized these past few months, if you didn’t know the others I honestly don’t think you’d enjoy. Lastly, the stage could have been better, tbh you cant please everyone but the bottom line is I had fun and that’s whats important.
I took a couple of videos and as soon as I post them on youtube, I’ll embed them here.