If there is a place that I will consider as my second home, it will have to be Quang Vinh. Their meals became our comfort food and if my boyfriend and I were both hungry, we don’t need to ask each other where we should eat, we already know the answer.

Prawn Spring Rolls at Quang Vinh

We don’t need to take a look in their appetizer menu, once we have our table, we immediately order for Prawn Spring Rolls.

Singaporean Noodles at Quang Vinh

Singapore Noodles was my lunch and it was really good! I put a little bit of soy sauce and pepper because I personally like it salty and spicy.

Beef on Black Bean at Quang Vinh

His ultimate favorite, beaf on black bean. No matter how many times he eats this, he will never get tired of it. I love how the sauce is so tasty! And the veggies are always fresh.

Fried Rice at Quang Vinh

If we’re really hungry, we order this for that extra carbs. Not your ordinary fried rice, this can stand alone as a meal because its packed with everything. No viand needed! Funny story, because of my love for prawns, these usually gets finished first!

As for the drinks, I’m happy with the house tea that they have as it goes perfectly with the food.

Overall, Quang Vinh serves really good authentic Vietnamese food without breaking the bank. I really recommend you try their prawn spring rolls. The place can accommodate up to 200 guests but it still gets awfully crowded so better be early! Service time is acceptable, though they speak little English, so you have to bring patience with you. They can easily understand it anyway, otherwise you can always point to the menu which food you would like to order.

Quang Vinh BYO Restaurant
66 Alfrieda Street
Saint Albans, Victoria, Australia
+61 3 9366 4147

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