One morning, we found ourselves driving to Melbourne Zoo. He has been telling me about it but I wasn’t too sure if I’m happy to see animals inside a cage (or so I thought). This was a couple of months ago and I can’t seem to find all the photos I took but since the gorilla enclosure at Melbourne Zoo is turning 25 years old today, might as well post about it now.

I think it was a school holiday when we went because there were lots of kids with their parents, and even groups of asian children with their teachers. I’m surprised not to hear a single child cry of boredom or get spanked by his/her mum. Talk about great parenting!

Anyway, these were the photos that I could retrieve from my phone. Not in order but it could give you an idea what Melbourne Zoo looks like.
Can you spot where the bear is?IMG_1392
Where all amphibians are keptIMG_1393
Look what we found! *~prOud Filipina~*IMG_1404
Just keep swimming
Reminded me of that display you’d typically see in a Chinese home. IMG_1397Probably thinks my finger is food.IMG_1401
These animals are not caged, their space is so big and well taken care of. Makes your trip to the zoo a pleasant experience.IMG_1369
Nap time for the kangaroo and her little joey in her marsupium (kangaroo pouch).IMG_1362
IMG_1345Elephants. They look like they’re about to do a dance number or something
Makes you wish all zoos are like this (hint: Philippines)
Butterfly heavenIMG_1336
Next time you visit a room full of butterflies, wear a colorful hat because they think you’re a flower and will end up on top of your head. See this cute kid? She was so excited, she was about to squish the poor butterfly with her fingers!IMG_1319
IMG_1265Quick trivia, in Victoria, “hug a koala” isn’t allowed, unlike in Queensland and other places in Australia.

Some of the animals were taking a nap or under a shade because it was a bit sunny and warm that day, can’t blame them. In the end, it’s always nice to discover new species in the animal kingdom (I didn’t know a couple, tbh). I’d have to say, a trip to the zoo is a good bonding experience (and educational too) with the family, only if you don’t mind walking (the place is huge so expect lots of it). There are also spots where you can have a picnic. Would you believe that it didn’t smell bad there? Melbourne, you never fail to surprise me <3