I can’t say I’m an expert around Boracay but I reckon with the trips I had, I can share some helpful tips in this post. A short background of my recent trip: I flew on the 27th of April via Kalibo (Pretty happy that Cebu Pacific wasn’t delayed) then for the land and sea transfers, I relied to Southwest (P500 pesos, arranged through the airline).  As you can tell, I was there for the Labor Day weekend, aka LaBoracay, my first one actually. I stayed in Boracay til the 4th of May, and I swear I was thisclose to spending another week in the island. I always have this obsession of just leaving everything and moving there. Anyway, more of my stories in my next post (Photoblog: LaBoracay).

So here’s a quick guide in Boracay from accommodation, places to eat and drink, etc. (I tried my best to recall the prices to give you an idea as well)

1. Accommodation

Cheap Hostels in Boracay

photo credit: Google images

Traveling to Boracay on a budget? Don’t use up all your money on a hotel room, you won’t be staying in there all day anyway, you just need a place to sleep, shower and safekeeping of your things so instead stay in cozy hostels like Backpacker Zone Beach Resort or Frendz Resort. Rooms are for as low as P1800 and the dorm type ones are for P500. They’re both located at Station 2 and just a short walk to White Beach.

2. Food

Sea Breeze Buffet Boracay

Frendz Resort has an amazing breakfast menu. If you feel like walking around the beach to look for a place to eat in the morning, I suggest Real Coffee (same place where you can get Calamansi Muffins).

For dinner, head to Sea Breeze (Boracay Regency Beach Resort) for a mouthwatering buffet P700+. I personally love their dessert selection!

Jony's Boracay

“Which is better: Jonah’s or Jony’s?” is possible one of the many questions I hear all the time from someone who is on a holiday in Boracay. I’ve tried both, and for me it has to be Jony’s, even my local friends say so.

3. Massage Mam/Sir

Massage in Boracay

I’m a sucker for a good massage, and having it by the beach should be part of your Boracay to-do list. My favorite place is the one in front of Juice Bar, Station 2 (P350 1 hour whole body massage)

4. Nightlife

Boracay with Friends

If you are going during the LaBoracay weekend, parties will be everywhere! From White House in Station 1 to Epic in Station 2. You’ll lose your mind choosing which one to go to. Otherwise, you should check out Exit Bar or Area 51. Some people still go to Club Paraw, Summer Place and Juice Bar too.

5. Chill Out Sessions

Spider House Boracay

Spider House in Diniwid is the perfect place to just chill out during the afternoon to nighttime. You can dip in the water too when it gets too hot.

Yacht Party in Boracay

Or go on Yacht party and drink in the middle of the ocean (and jump as many times as you want from the yacht because it’s fun lol)

6. Best Sunset View

Boracay Sunset

White Beach has the best sunset view but I prefer watching it from Spider House. It lets you appreciate it more because you’re far away from the noise and crowd.

A trike from White Beach going here should be around P100.

7. The Perfect Spot to TanBoracay IslandIf you are not afraid of the sun and want to get that stunning tan, walk towards to Station 1 and you will find the perfect spot to lay down. Less people walking around and a bit peaceful too.

And don’t forget to help keep Boracay clean by volunteering. Lots of beach clean ups need volunteers, ask the locals or check out Nestea website because they always have it every year.


How about you, how did you spend your Labor Day weekend?