Note: This was initially drafted last June 8. I wasn’t able to post it so I figured I’ll just continue the bullets.

I have tons of backlog posts and it’s only now that I find the time to do some. But first a little update 🙂

  • Currently in Hong Kong right now and will be flying to Manila in a few days
  • We flew from Laos to Bangkok. Astrid stayed in Bangkok to meet up with some friends. While I had one hour to pull my shit together (get to Immigration and grab my backpack from the conveyor. I booked a separate flight to Hong Kong from Bangkok with little time allowance). We were so confident that I had enough time but lo and behold, while I was in line for immigration, the woman told me that I will not make my flight and that I should go to the transfer counter on the other building for assistance. I panicked because I didn’t want to miss my flight. Astrid and I didn’t even get to say goodbye because I had to run and sort everything. To cut the story short, I was able to catch my flight but had to shed a few tears too lol
  • I flew back to Manila on the 15th, spent the whole week curing my post holiday depression and separation anxiety.

Travel to Hong Kong

  • On the 23rd, I flew back to Hong Kong! While I’m typing this I have already devoured 3 egg tarts and it’s just 10:40AM, please someone help me!
  • Still a lot of places that I need to go to, like Hong Kong Disneyland, The Big Buddha and other touristy places. I’ve been spending my days here like a local which is really good.
  • I love how everything and everywhere is so accessible like the beaches and mountains. I’ve hiked to an Infinity Pool, spent the whole day in beaches, went to a pool party, met new people in a boat party or as they fondly call it a “junk”.
  • Had long nights in LKF, love how I get free shots when the bartenders are Filipinos!

Justin Bieber in Calvin Klein Private Party in Hong Kong

  • One random night, I ended up at the Calvin Klein private party and saw Justin Bieber.

I’m suffering from a mild obsession with Snapchat, let me know if you are on it, my username is the same with my Instagram which is chelinumerable.

Hope your week will be great, would love to know your plans 🙂