Traveling helped me be more outgoing, more social. You know how there are two kinds of people, introverts and extroverts? I actually fall somewhere in between, making me an outgoing introvert. Best example is the fact that I’m not good at small talks, to the point that I try to avoid it. But of course when you travel, you meet a lot of people, people that you might not see ever again, and people who will be a part of your life. Either way, you try to build a connection with them. Since I stayed in Hong Kong longer than expected, my “social skills” were brought to the test. My weekends in Hong Kong were mostly spent on boat parties, or as they fondly call it a “junk”.

People in Hong Kong, well those that I met, love to organise a junk. Every weekend, the pier gets really crowded with people, locals and expats alike, waiting for their boats. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend the whole day away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just chill out, right?

warning: this is a photo heavy post 🙂
Weekends in Hong Kong
My first junk was a farewell type organised by Sweety and Natanya for their friends who were going back to Sri Lanka. I have not met most of these people beforehand. So it was kinda intimidating (and scary) meeting them for the first time, but they were really cool and friendly.

Then another boat party, an early birthday celebration for the “Superstars – Sagittarians”, was organised by Sweety and Lucy, these women are on a roll when it comes to boat parties! People need to start calling them as the “boat queens”.
Next thing I know I was doing my third junk, I mean who’s counting anyway? Haha. This was organised by Sweety as far as I remember.
 Boat parties in Hong Kong
Food is cooked and served fresh on board. Drinks are also available and you can bring your own too. Gerard makes nice sangria and we were picking on the left over fruits. I reckon it’s the best part as it’s infused with alcohol.
My fourth junk was a surprise birthday boat party for Gerard, Cody and Claude, organised by Lucy and Yugo. Usually, we depart from Sai Kung pier but this time we went to Central Pier.
Wondering what’s included other than food & drinks? Well, they have wakeboarding, banana boat, an inflatable water slide, etc. But if you’re like me who’s not so crazy about water sports, no pressure because you can still have fun.
Not a fan of jumping and swimming in open water? Not a problem since there’s a jacuzzi on board where you can get cozy with a drink or a bottle of wine.
My last junk before I left was Cody’s birthday celebration. He organised three boats and basically had his restaurant on board.
Thankfully, it’s usually the same group of people from the previous junks. So I’ve finally gotten comfortable and small talks became natural for me.
So how did my outgoing introvert self like all these? I enjoyed it so much, all thanks to these amazing people. Makes me want to press the non existent replay button just to do it all over again. Yup, major separation anxiety right here.

So boat parties in Hong Kong? A definitely must do.

photo credits to: Yyo Ggo Cam / Gerard Yeung