This week is a major boo-hoo. It was raining day and night so I had more reasons to stay in bed. Good thing I didn’t have any important errands to run because it would have been really hard for me to step out of the house (I blame it on this lovely *~sweater weather~*). Well at least I have more time to write!


Sleepy. I’ve been staying up late but I feel like I’m more productive this way. I miss being a morning person though.

Cats and dogs videos. Too cute for words.

Miguel – Adorn

Proofreading some articles that I typed in earlier this week. I need to constantly do it as I always miss out a couple of errors.

Should I make another avocado on toast… Should I upload more photodump albums on Facebook… When will my stye go away…

That I finish everything on my to-do list before this month ends since I have more plans this coming Ber months (hello birthday month!)

Potato fries. Churros. Ice cream. I’ve been craving for food a lot, it’s not even funny. What can I do, I love food!

How was your weekend?