In my previous post, Friday’s 10 Happy Things v.3, I mentioned that I received my Joe Scrub package. An all natural and organic coffee scrub made in Toronto, Canada that helps alleviate psoriasis and eczema, diminish appearance of cellulite and stretchmarks, treats acne and fades scars, gets rid of dead skin and many more.

Joe Scrub Coffee Scrub

Its skin benefits sounds very promising and I wanted to do a JoeScrub review asap so the very next day, I took it to shower to see how my skin will react to it. I did a patch test first, just to make sure I wont have any allergic reaction. When it was all good, I followed the instructions found at the back of the package and gave myself a good scrub.

1. Get your skin wet before every application, as I stay on your skin better that way (hint: jump in your shower or bathtub!).
2. For a full face and body scrub, use two to three small handfuls & apply in circular motions for maximum exfoliation.
3. For best results, joe should stay on your skin for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off.

What are its natural ingredients and benefits?

Fair Trade Organic Coffee

  • Reduces appearance of cellulite
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Preserves skin cells
  • Provides UV protection
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation

Organic Cacao

  • Improves skin hydration & complexion
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Firms skin & reduces puffiness
  • Provides UV protection
  • Acts as a natural aphrodisiac

Himalayan Pink Salt

  • Detoxifies skin
  • Improves skin hydration
  • Alleviates psoriasis
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Promotes blood circulation

Brown Sugar

  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Supports cell turnover
  • Promotes younger & fresher looking skin
  • Hydrates, conditions & guards skin

Organic Coconut Oil

  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Soothes eczema
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Prevents skin from cracking or scaling
  • Contributes to cellular health & tissue repair
  • Reduces premature skin aging & wrinkling

Grapeseed Oil

  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Helps treat acne
  • Tightens skin & closes pores
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Improves skin elasticity

Sweet Almond Oil

  • Contains Vitamins A, B and E
  • Promotes blood circulation & tightens skin
  • Moisturizes & nourishes skin
  • Soothes skin irritation & inflammation
  • Removes impurities & dead skin cells

Jasmine Oil

  • Fights fungus, bacteria & viruses
  • Protects skin against radicals
  • Moisturizes & balances skin
  • Helps fade scarring & discolored skin
  • Acts as a natural aphrodisiac

Joe Scrub

How much does it cost?

The 150g, like the one I have, is $16. JoeScrub also offers a 50g travel size for $5.50.

Does it ship worldwide?

Yes, JoeScrub ships worldwide.

Canada $2.50 (50g bag); $3.50 (150g bag)

Within U.S. $4.00

Outside of North America $6.50


Joe Scrub review

Conclusion: Do I recommend it?

I have been doing this twice a week, and my skin feels really soft and moisturized! I know this pack will last me a long time because little goes a long way. You don’t need a lot in every use. It can be a bit messy in the shower but it doesn’t leave any stain. But what I really love about JoeScrub is the fact that it does not contain any harsh chemicals, like parabens etc. so I know I’m doing my skin a favour. I’m looking forward to seeing the long-term results from using JoeScrub.

And yes, I highly recommend JoeScrub especially if you want to have a better and healthy skin (don’t we all?)

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What do you think of JoeScrub?