November is my birthmonth making it my favourite time of the year but I didn’t realise how eventful it will be. I knew that I was celebrating  my birthday the day after my boyfriend’s and that his parents are coming over. Turns out it was more than that because it was his parent’s wedding anniversary and his dad’s birthday as well!
Hutong One Peking
To celebrate, we had a lovely dinner with a great view at Hutong in One Peking Road, amazingly delicious cocktails at Cima Fine Dining Restaurant in Wanchai, and Chinese hotpot at The Emperor hotel in Happy Valley.
Cima Fine Dining Restaurant
Then my favourite Scandinavian girl, Astrid, flew to Hong Kong for a couple of days and was there for my birthday too.
Astrid Tennoey
We explored more of the city together, had a nice light lunch at Ivy in IFC, ate good sushis and went on a hunt for baby nikes and good cakes. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating with us so we could only do so much.
Ivy Restaurant IFC
I am beyond grateful with all the blessings that I have been receiving but I have to be honest, the past few months haven’t really been that easy. And I didn’t expect it to be this hard. I know I haven’t tried everything yet so I’m still hopeful with my fingers crossed that everything will go according to plan. I’ll go into details soon!

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On a lighter note, my boyfriend and I will go on our first trip together in a few weeks! I haven’t been to Sri Lanka so I’m pretty stoked about it. Plus we will be going with 2 more friends. I cannot wait to share about the trip here.

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