When traveling, I highly depend on my phone because of the travel apps that I use. Currently, I’m using my iPhone for taking photos and videos that you see on my Instagram and YouTube so I really try to save the memory (or space, whatever you call it) that’s why I only have apps that I know I will use.

I’ve previously talked about my travel backpack so now I’d like to share the best travel apps that I use to help make your trips more convenient and memorable!

Google Maps

Google Translate Best Travel Apps

I can’t read a traditional map (true story) so I thank the digital gods for Google Maps! It’s so easy to get lost but with this app, you don’t need to worry about not finding your way back. It gives you transportation and traffic info too. I know we don’t always have 3G or Wi-Fi when traveling, so make sure you take advantage of the offline maps feature wherein you can download a specific map. When you have this, you can access it anytime.

Google Translate

Google Translate Best Travel App

Have you ever found yourself in a restaurant with a menu that you can’t read or pronounce? It happened to me a couple of times when I was in Hong Kong! Thankfully, my boyfriend has Google Translate on his phone. The fact that you can use your camera to translate the text is just pure genius.

XE Currency

XE Currency Best Travel App

Having a foreign exchange app in your pocket is handy and practical. You’d easily have an idea if your overpaying for an item or a service. I’d like to always convert back to PHP when I’m in a different country to know if I should bargain or just leave it because I can get it cheaper in the Philippines.

Toshl Finance

Toshl Best Travel App

I’d like to keep track of my expenses when I’m traveling. I used to keep receipts and jot them all down in a notebook but it proved ineffective for me. I did my research and I discovered Toshl. I like how I can input my expenses both in the app and on the website. Also, you can create different wallets for each trips.


TripIt Best Travel App

TripIt is a handy app that consolidates all your flight information, hotel reservations and more. You don’t need to go through all your emails to find your travel related itinerary. TripIt automatically sorts it out for you.


Townske Best Travel App

Townske is a new social media app that lets people share guides about a particular place. So get ready to discover a new city and be a local anywhere. The app also lets you find people you like and discover their favourite places, create your own guide and share it on. Find me on Townske my username is chelinumerable.

Instagram, VSCO and Snapchat

Best Travel Apps 2016

Not really travel apps but I find myself using these a lot when I am traveling. I like to update my friends and family as to where I am and these apps help me a lot. Well VSCO is more for editing the photos, but you get what I mean. Snapchat is the best and easiest to share quick photos or videos. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having a well curated feed. If you don’t run around with 3G or Wi-Fi, make sure you don’t exit the app so you don’t lose your snaps. Why? Because you can upload them later when you have internet.

So these are the best travel apps that I use. Let me know what you love using when you are traveling, I’m always on the lookout for great apps!