I’m the type of person who likes to pack and I do it like 3 or 4 days before my scheduled trip. You know, just in case I miss anything I still have time to put it in my bag. I previously talked about how I like traveling without any checked-in bags but just in case I really need to, I have a day bag for all my carry-on essentials.


Carry-on Travel Necessities

This is self explanatory. Always have your passport with you all the time. Just like how you keep your wallet! You don’t want to hassle yourself by losing it in a foreign country. Plus, you will need your passport in the airport, boarding the plane, deplaning up until the immigration counter.

Lotion and Lip Balm

Travel Necessities

My hands get so dry when I’m in the plane so I make sure I moisturise all throughout the flight. Same goes with my lips. I can never leave the house without these two.

Silk Sleeping Bag and Sleep Mask

Carry-on Travel Essentials

I bought this silk sleeping bag when I was in Vietnam. Now, I travel with it almost everywhere. I want to get really comfortable when I’m in the plane and most of the time, I have the whole row to myself. So I tuck myself in and doze off with my sleep mask during the entire flight. When I started traveling with my boyfriend, I still use this but I sleep on his lap/shoulder instead (my human pillow <3).

Notebook and Pen

Travel Essentials

Aside from my laptop and iPad, I also like to keep my planner and pen with me. I don’t know why but I like jotting things down, things to do, thoughts, ideas etc. instead of typing it on my phone/laptop. I find that writing is still more appealing and it helps you remember things easily (most of the time). Is it just me? Let me know if you’re like this as well!


Paragon Pieces

Just like all the other milenials, I can’t leave (live) without my phone. It has to be everywhere I go. I also have a spare phone case with me. Both of my phone cases are armored cases from Paragon. I like these a lot because they’re impact-resistant and it covers all side of the phone including the volume & power buttons. They have really cute designs to choose from and you can even customise your own phone case.

And there you have it, my carry-on travel essentials. How about you, what are your travel essentials?