Caronia has been my go-to nail polish brand ever since I started painting my nails. I guess you all will agree with me when I say that Caronia is a household name, right? I can still remember how I would always tag along to my late mom’s mani-pedi session and I’d sit beside her while I paint my own nails. If I’d been a good girl, my mom would let the manicurist paint my nails too!

Caronia Popsicle Collection Launch

So when I received an invite to the Caronia Popsicle Collection Launch, I was really excited! They were introducing new shades that are perfect for the summer: Peach Perfect, Lemon Cool, Tequila Sunrise and Brain Freeze. The last two have a matte finish and are both inspired by Pantone’s colors of 2016.

Caronia Popsicle Collection Launch

Caronia Peach Perfect

Opting for a fresh and natural look? This nude shade with a slight hint of pink is your best bet.

Caronia Lemon Cool

A “happy yellow” shade with a slightly gloss finish is perfect for that vibrant look.

Caronia Tequila Sunrise

A red orange shade that has a matte finish is perfect for beach parties and can easily brighten up your day.

Caronia Brain Freeze

A pale blue shade with a matte finish is so mysterious and alluring that can draw anyone’s attention to your fingertips.

Caronia Popsicle Collection Launch

The launch was held at Romulo Cafe in Makati City and I brought my friend, Janine with me. It was such a girly event and it almost felt like it was a big slumber party! Cocktails were also served and was blended to match the deliciously named Popsicle Collection of Caronia.

Caronia Popsicle Collection Launch

I just love the setup of the candy buffet and cake booth. We were really spoiled that day! Thank you, Caronia!
Caronia Popsicle Collection LaunchCaronia Popsicle Collection Launch

Ice Pops was also there to help us refresh from summer’s crazy heat. And yes, they also customised the flavours of the popsicles to the four new colours of Caronia. A Cotton Candy booth was also present to keep the colours vibrant in the room.
Caronia Popsicle Collection Launch

As soon as we walked up, a lady offered to give us a manicure and nail art. Who could say no to that? Here are the other ladies, getting their nails done. I told you, it’s almost like a slumber party! Except we weren’t in our PJs and there were no beds haha!

As the country’s favourite brand of high quality nail polishes, Caronia is dedicated to produce new shades that easily reflects the current trends that will suit the needs of their ever-expanding market and you don’t need worry about spending so much money! That’s one thing I like about Caronia, it’s so affordable!

genevieve gozum for Caronia

Genevieve Gozum partnered up with Caronia in releasing fun and colourful clothes to match your nails. How exciting is that! And oh, they were doing a contest with this multi-way dress, whoever gets to style it in the most way wins the dress! I was able to style it in 10 different ways and we thought I nailed it but someone did 14. You go, girl!

Caronia Popsicle Collection Launch

Delicious lunch, thanks to Romulo Cafe!
Caronia Popsicle Collection Launch

I forgot where I bought this dress but I found this website and YouTube channel that sells really gorgeous summer dresses.  Perfect for your new Caronia nail polishes!
Janeena Chan and Shaira Mae

The bubbly Janeena Chan hosted the event while Caronia It Girl Shaira Mae, the newest celebrity endorser, joined her as she talked about the new set of catchy and fun TVCs she did for Caronia.  Gene of genevieve gozum

Gene of Genevieve Gozum talked about the clothing brand’s partnership with Caronia. Visit their shop to know more!

Shaira Mae for Caronia Philippines
Shaira Mae for Caronia

Janine and I with Shaira Mae.
Caronia Popsicle Collection Launch

Watch out for the limited Popsicle Collection set with free Caronia sticky notepad! Get ’em and point your fingers to a delicious summer with these four new shades!

Visit the official Website of Caronia to know more and follow their social media accounts to keep updated!