I honestly enjoy working at home with my cat purring on my bed (who, btw, is always the subject of my Snapchat with captions like “#catlyf” and “wish I have my cat’s life”). But sometimes, I like to have a new environment so I can breathe a little and get inspired. When I say new environment, I mean coffee shops around Antipolo City. I like BGC a lot but the traffic going there is just a pain…

New coffeeshop in Antipolo

Luckily, there’s a new spot in town, Sulok Café! It is around 10 minutes from my place and close to Ynares Center and Pinto Art Gallery. And yes my friends, they have wi-fi 🙂

I took my dad and my friend, Janine, for lunch to check out the place. Since we came early, there was no problem finding a parking space. Entering the cafe, we were welcomed by the lovely couple, Rods and Andy, who own Sulok Café. They are pretty hands on and very accommodating. They introduced which ones are the best sellers, the ingredients in it, how it was prepared, everything!

Sulok Cafe prices
Sulok Café menu

My dad loves a strong coffee and it was really nice that Rods knows his stuff. He recommended Cafe Armando (named after Rods’ dad) and it was the perfect blend that my dad was looking for. Later that day, my dad told me that he usually gets a bit of acid reflux from drinking coffee but this one didn’t give him any. Thumbs up!

The other coffee under “specials” is Cafe Antonio (₱120) which is, guess what, named after Andy’s dad. It is the lighter version of Cafe Armando but still with a good kick.

Sulok Cafe menu
Cafe Armando ₱100

The wait for the food wasn’t that bad, though it didn’t come out all at the same time, we didn’t mind as Rods and Andy kept us entertained.

Sulok Cafe Antipolo food
Fish Tacos ₱165 and Malunggay Pasta ₱160

One of the best seller appetizers is the Fish Tacos and it is perfect for sharing. It has the right amount of spiciness as it still lets you taste the fillings of the tacos.

The Malunggay Pasta is a local and healthier version of pesto sauce. Topped with chicken, it was enough to make our tummies full! The side breads are also really tasty.

Sulok Cafe menu
Tuyo Mushroom ₱145

Then we had the Tuyo Mushroom, an olive oil based pasta that tasted really good! The tuyo (dried fish) and mushroom mixed together gave it the right balance of saltiness and flavour. (I came back later that week and ordered this again, its that good!)

Another best seller is the Chili Poppers ₱135. Yes, it is spicy but it has cheese filling inside, so imagine a chili-cheese surprise on your mouth. This is easily one of our favourites!

coffee shops around Antipolo City
Chili Poppers

Affordable coffee shop in Antipolo

Rods candidly told us that this is a simple recipe but tricky to cook as the wrapping gets burnt easily so they really have to time it properly.

It is crispy on the outside and as soon as you bite, thats when you get all the flavours, the oozing cheese with a chili kick.

Good Coffee shop in Antipolo
Spicy Chicken Bagizza ₱115 and Cheesy Sausage Penne ₱199

Bagizza is Baguette + Pizza and I think this is the first time I saw that being offered in a coffee shop in Antipolo. The Spicy Chicken Bagizza was so filling that we didn’t get to finish it all. It is reasonably priced and tasted delish but because I’m on my phase 2 ortho, I feel a bit restricted when it comes to eating…

The Cheesy Sausage Penne came in a bowl and I don’t know if you’re like me but every time the food is served in a bowl, I feel like it’s just a small portion. But not this one! I kept on digging my fork in and felt like the pasta and sausage were infinite haha. And the cheese was so good!!! (Cheese lover right here).

Sulok Cafe Antipolo
Soul BLT ₱160

A yummy twist to the traditional BLT, Soul BLT of Sulok Café is a must-try. With all the veggies and the egg, you won’t feel guilty when you start munching on the crispy bacon. If you want something light but enough to fill you, this is your best bet.

Coffeeshop in Antipolo
Smores Pancakes ₱140

For dessert, Sulok Café didn’t disappoint with their Smores Pancakes. I like how the pancakes balance the chocolate sweetness so you don’t feel that it is too much. You won’t get suya after which is great! What’s in it aside from the pancakes, you ask? Toasted marshmallows, graham crackers, walnuts, stick-o and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. (Typing this is making me drool!)


  • Affordable and delicious food
  • Great range of drinks (coffee, frappe, hot tea)
  • Cozy ambiance
  • Clean and tidy toilet
  • Wi-fi
  • Accessible location – by public transportation (FX or Jeep) and bringing a car is not a problem (there are parking spaces)

But most importantly, the owners and staff are friendly and welcoming. So, yes, I will definitely come back!

Sulok Cafe review

Have you been to Sulok Café? Would love to hear your experience! 

Sulok Café

  • 2nd Floor, Okinari Arcade Building along L. Sumulong Memorial Circle Barangay San Roque  Antipolo City
  • Monday to Sunday 11am to 11pm