90% of your selfie is your hair, said DreamHairPH and I couldn’t agree more. I get sepanx every time I go to a salon for a trim (just 1 inch mind you) to get rid of  the dry and split ends. Not being too dramatic but I remember one particular instance where I left teary eyed because the hairstylist cut it too short. I never came back to that place ever again.

I became very confident and comfortable with my almost waist length mermaid hair. Though the ends were dry from being under the sun and beach trips, I didn’t mind. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend likes it too except when my hair goes everywhere lol

But I was itching for a new look. I’ve been looking at pegs and admiring the balayage hair colour, from dark brown to ash blonde, and I knew I wanted to try it out.

Azta Urban Salon Balayage Ombre

My go-to salon for hair colour has always been Azta Urban Salon. They did my blonde ombre couple of years ago when it became a thing. I kept it until 2014 and decided to chop it off as the ends got extremely dry because of the bleach. Not their fault at all as it was really needed to achieve the colour we wanted.

A lot of salons have been popping up but I still trust Azta Urban Salon. So when I learned that they have a new branch in Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill I decided to come visit. They’re currently in their soft opening but everything is fully operational, meaning all services are available.

Azta Urban Salon Venice Grand Canal

I came early and was the first customer of the day. Yay! This newly opened branch is very Instagram-able with a lot of natural light coming in and creative interiors.

Azta Urban Salon Venice Grand Canal Mall Grand Opening

The staff were all very attentive and helpful. They quickly assisted me and as soon as I showed them my pegs and told them what I wanted to achieve, they explained to me the process and off we go!

The Process

They started with washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner. The senior hairstylist, Ms. Janice, offered me some complimentary drinks and I chose to have a glass of milk tea. When I was back on the chair, she proceeded to cut my hair, layered style to give it more volume.

Azta Urban Salon Review

Ta-da! No more dry ends!

Azta Urban Salon Venice Grand Canal Mall

For the colouring part, they used L’oreal with Olaplex hair perfector for bleached hair. To avoid further damaging my hair. She first did the highlights as it takes time because she will need to bleach it. Then the Ash Blonde base. When the bleached part was done, they put on a close to gray colour as my highlights. I also got a gel manicure and pedicure.

Azta Urban Salon Gel Nail Polish Price

I noticed how they were really careful because they were consistently checking if my hair was ready. For everything that Ms. Janice was putting on my hair, she was explaining to me what it was and what it does.

Azta Urban Salon Venice Grand Canal Mall Grand Opening

After a couple of hours, Ms. Maricar, her assistant, washed my hair. They then applied more and this time including the roots and some to my eyebrows.

Azta Urban Salon Venice Grand Canal Mall

Almost done! If you are planning to have hair treatments or hair colour, make sure that you allot a good amount of time. Mine took almost 6 hours as it was a bit tricky to achieve the balayage colour.

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Azta Urban Salon Balayage Ombre

I was so happy with the outcome! It was exactly what I imagined, even better. Thank you so much Azta Urban Salon Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill branch especially to Ms. Janice and Ms. Maricar! I highly recommend these two and will definitely come back.

You can find the detailed price of each services here. Make sure you follow them on Facebook for updates and promos. If you want to have an estimate first, feel free to PM them. They have really great Customer Service!

Azta Urban Salon Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill

2nd floor – Open Daily 11:00AM to 11:00PM

Contact numbers 7766047 or 09173179891