I have to be honest, I don’t eat healthy and have not been working out properly. I love snacks, chocolates and basically junk food. But if you are following me on Instagram, you will see that I like spending time in the beach and of course in a bikini. Before you say anything, no I am not lying! I used to have a really fast metabolism but as I’m not getting any younger, I needed some “intervention.”

fit life tea weightloss

That intervention was in the form of Fit Life Tea’s 14 day Organic Teatox.

What it claims:

Say goodbye to weight gain, bloating and digestive stress. Two daily cups of Organic Teatox can help burn fat, stimulate weight loss, boost your immune system and cleanse your digestive system.

Our pyramid tea bag extracts maximum flavor to infuse more essential oils and flavor into your cup. Steeping releases purifying dynamic ingredients that can ease bloating and, together with proper diet and exercise, help promote weight loss.

Custom blended Organic Teatox has a ruby red color, sweet aroma and distinctive fruity taste. And zero calories.

Fit Life Teas are certified organic and nurtured by hand.


What is it made of?

Organic Hibiscus
An herbal remedy used around the world to treat high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

Organic Rosehips
High in vitamin C, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Strengthens immune system. Fights inflammation.

Organic Apple
Promotes weight loss, boosts exercise endurance, contains heart-healthy antioxidant compounds.

Organic Allspice
Used for indigestion, intestinal gas, abdominal pain, heavy menstrual periods, obesity. Empties the bowels.

Organic/Natural Flavoring

Countries of Origin: Egypt, Chile, Europe, Guatemala, USA

fit life tea

What I noticed and really like was how Fit Life Tea’s pyramid sachet bag is tall and roomy for better brewing. Also, their biodegradable mesh tea bags are woven with much larger holes than conventional paper bags. These larger holes allow the hot water to infuse more of the tea’s surface area and derive the evocative nuances of the full flavor profile from every delicious leaf.

I always look forward to opening the resealable bag because of its very aromatic fragrance. I don’t usually get this in other tea bags and this is because Fit Life Tea only use whole, uncrushed, uncut leaves so all the beneficial nutritional components, essential oils and fragrances are kept intact.

fit life tea review

It wasn’t hard for me to incorporate Fit Life Tea to my daily meal. I think this is because of how good it tasted and smelled. I use the 24 oz. BPA-free drinking bottle with my teatox so I can take it with me anywhere I go (also because its spill proof too, perfect for traveling).

I have problems with bloating since forever but after a few days of drinking this, I noticed that it was less frequent. I also lost a couple of unwanted pounds after 14 days. So if losing weight or keeping healthy is part of your New Year’s Resolution, I highly suggest Fit Life Tea!

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