Earlier this month, I went to Singapore. This isn’t my first time in this country but there’s so many things that have changed since my last visit. Since I’ve been to the Universal Studios, Botanical Gardens, Singapore Zoo, etc. I skipped those tourist spots.

Here, I am listing the places that I think are a Must Visit in Singapore that aren’t the traditional ones. We all want something different, right?

If you are like me who’s still working even while traveling (hello fellow digital nomads!), I highly recommend these two Starbucks branches.

Must Visit Orchard Road

Starbucks in Delfi Orchard

They have free wi-fi and electrical sockets. Most of the people here are students so don’t worry about overstaying because I heard they stay here until midnight to study.

Starbucks Rochester Park Singapore

Starbucks in Rochester Park

A 2 storey Starbucks building where you can choose to sit outside the veranda or inside the quaint coffeeshop. Free wi-fi and sockets are available.

Starbucks Rochester Park Singapore

I had to share this on my Instagram story (Say hi on Instagram @chelinumerable)

Starbucks Rochester Park Singapore

I bought a Starbucks card that needed to be preloaded with SG$10 (343.68php) as I knew I would be going here quite often. Obviously, I didn’t want to lose the stars that I will be earning. Haha!

Just like Hong Kong, what I like about Singapore is its efficient public transportation. It is very easy to go from one place to another.

MRT Singapore

I also like walking around Orchard Road and just go on a window shopping spree (and constantly stopping to say hiiiii to cute doggies).

img_5295Must Visit Orchard Road Singapore

Another great place to do a photowalk is around Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

Marinay Bay Sands Singapore Review

A photo walk during the night here is beautiful, too bad my iPhone can’t pick up the nice colours at night (a decent camera is on my wish-list). So here’s a picture during the day. This reminds me so much of the movie Avatar!

Gardens by the Bay review

So much green in this city. I love it!

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

For food lovers, after walking around Orchard, head to Japan Food Town in Wisma Atria and get a sit at Tempura Tsukiji Tenka. Watch as your food is being prepared right in front of you.


Look at that concentration!

And Jenn’s. She’s the one who took me to this place. Thank you girl! A set is around SG$30 (1030.46php). A bit pricey but it was worth it!

Another must visit in Singapore is Chinatown Food Street. There’s so many great hawkers that you can choose from here.

Chinatown Food Street

In the Philippines we have a famous dessert called halo-halo. I think this one is pretty close to it! I forgot what it’s called though. I think this was around SG$3-5 (103.13-171.93php).

Shaved Ice Singapore

For late night drinks and dinners, head to Timbre+.

Timbre+ Singapore review

During the day, it is more of a hawker food stalls and at night it transitions to a great live band venue with food trucks and a bar.

Timbre+ Singapore review

The bar has a wide selection of beers from all over the world!

Timbre+ Singapore review

Timbre+ Food

In Singapore, Salted Egg sauce is a big hit. I can’t lie, its so good and I couldn’t stop myself from this Salted Egg Fried Chicken.

Salted Egg Fried Chicken

TIP: If you bring back the tray, you get paid a dollar! Also, they have wi-fi here.

Timbre+ Food Review

It was such a nice coincidence as well because while we were at Timbre+, I received a message from Jenn saying she was there as well. What a small world!

Satay by the bay Singapore review

If you are in Gardens by the Bay, walk towards Satay by the Bay to enjoy a great selection of food here. The Satay was very delicious!

Satay by the bay Singapore review

Salted Egg Calamares was a hit!

For Timbre+ and Satay by the Bay, I don’t have the exact prices as my brother and sister-in-law treated us. Thank you so much for for hosting us! But prepare at least SG$50 (1717.15php).

Coyoro Singapore Bugis review

I found out about Coyoro on Instagram and I knew I had to try it!

Coyoro review

So cool right? We tried the Didi ball with Nutella dip SG$6.50 (223.27 php).

Coyoro Singapore review

This is me being so amazed! But wow, it was so cold to hold!

Coyoro Singapore review

Last but not the least, a nice drink on a rooftop bar is something you should not miss out on. The Screening Room is a great place for this. Before the rooftop bar, you will pass by the cozy screening room area. When we went there the place was empty though as everyone was drinking in the bar.

Screening Room Singapore review

Also, watch out for my next post, as I will be listing the best places to buy your pasalubong in Singapore!