Boracay is my favourite place and I think I have said this a bunch of times already. I can never get enough of the beautiful water and soft sand that I always find my way back to the island.

A lot of people think that Boracay is an expensive place to travel to but I beg to disagree. With lots of seat sales and piso fare happening all throughout the year, you can secure yourself a good airfare deal. There are also lots of options for cheap food in Boracay! Trust me, you can definitely have a vacation that won’t break the bank. I will share an updated budget blog post for Boracay, it will include airfare, terminal fees, boat transfers, and more so watch out for that!

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But what about the accommodation?

Getting a hotel in Boracay is tricky. If you want a nice beachfront hotel in Station 1 or Station 2, get ready to spend a lot. But if you know you’re going to spend most of your time outside and only need a bed, toilet and shower and a place to keep your stuff safe, then there are a lot of budget hotels and hostels in Boracay!


One of them is AJ Traveller’s Inn Boracay. This is perfect for people who aren’t really ready to stay in bunk beds with bunch of strangers in a hostel. You get a nice spacious room perfect for the family and barkada outings for as low as 899pesos per night!


AJ Traveller’s Inn has two buildings in Station 2, main and annex. The former has 8 rooms total and the latter 9. It isn’t a beachfront building so get ready to walk for like 3-5 minutes around the alleyways. It’s safe though it gets dark and muddy when it rains.

The staff is very nice and helpful. The building is situated in between the houses of the local but we weren’t disturbed by any noise. We had a room in the 2nd floor, in case you are wondering.


There’s a common fridge downstairs and free water. Good thing we have our water bottles so we get to refill ours for free. They don’t have free breakfasts which is fine because I have a favourite place to go to in the morning.


The room is spacious like I said, and the beds are big and comfy!


The shower has hot and cold water, and the toilet works perfectly. We didn’t have any problems except we couldn’t find a place to hang our wet swimsuits but we realized after that they have a clothes rack outside.


Both the main and annex building have gates that they close at night for security.


AJ Traveller’s Inn is a NIDA room partner.


The room that has lots of shoes outside had around 8 people inside. They left the door open so when I passed by, I saw that there was a bunk bed and 2 twin beds I think.


AJ Traveller’s Inn Boracay review doesn’t have a website but you can get in touch with them through Facebook. Right now, they have a promo where you can get 20% off, and get a room for as low as 899pesos per night! That’s definitely a good deal for a cheap hotel in Boracay!