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Before flying back to Manila, I had the chance to work with Miles Sible in Hong Kong. We did an afternoon shoot around Central and the photos came out really great!

We were supposed to go to the “Instagram Pier” but the weather was not in our favour. It was really cold that I had to put on a jacket in between takes. We mostly did the shots around Central, Wyndham Street and Lan Kwai Fong and these places weren’t that bad!

Affordable Watch for Women Lord Timepieces

I’m wearing a dress from Lilly and Frank and watch from Lord Timepieces.

lord timepieces

For people who are looking for quality and great looking men’s watches and women’s watches with a 24 month warranty, I highly recommend Lord Timepieces! They’ve got great collections in the website and they offer free shipping!

Lord Timepieces create products and communities that inspire people to perform at full potential, to become individuals ahead of time, ahead of the crowd. It is an aspirational brand, based in London, but renowned throughout all time zones.

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Check out Lord Timepieces Instagram account to see more. They also have dedicated Instagram page for Lord Timepieces women’s watches too! The model that I have is the Victoria White, by the way.

Get 10% off on your purchase when you use the code: CHEL10

lord timepieces womens watch

Lord Timepieces is one of the fastest growing watch brands in the world! Everything that the company stand for and do is to help inspire individuals not only to achieve but exceed their goals. You will definitely find something that suits your wants and needs.

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Whatever the occasion is, let a Lord Timepiece be the answer. Because a classy and edgy wristwatch is what we all need to complete the look we are going for.