I’m not really a big spender when it comes to online shopping but I like to do some window shopping. You know, just browsing through stuff that I may or may not use but seems interesting. But lately, I found myself in need of a good backpack to carry my laptop around and a Nutribullet (or something similar to it).

If you search Online Shopping Philippines on Google there are a couple of links that will show up. I’m familiar with most of it but I was curious to try out Goods PH. I’ve been reading about it on social media and it seemed to be a reliable service.

They have a bunch of unique offerings and the price range is actually affordable.

After a few minutes of browsing, I placed an order for a backpack, Shake n Take (a more affordable version of Nutribullet) and an anti bacterial wet tissues (it was pretty cheap!).

Goods PH Online Shopping Review

The checkout page was pretty straight forward. Aside from the usual payment method of Credit/Debit Card and Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposit and others are also available.

Goods PH Services

To confirm that my order has been completed, I received an email and a text message as well.

Goods PH Online Shopping Review

UPDATE: I received a call 2 days later from Goods PH saying that the Shake n Take (which is the one that I was looking forward to!!!) was out of stock from the supplier. I was pretty upset because it was still showing in the website as available/in stock 🙁

Since one of my orders were unavailable, my whole order was cancelled. So I have to place another order for the rest of the ones that I purchased.

So, I once again went through the website and purchased a couple of items. I didn’t buy the backpack nor the wet wipes anymore, though. It was a complete set of order. I did a quick unboxing of those items that I purchased, watch the video below (apologies for the quality, this was when before I got my camera).

I actually forgot about my Goods PH order because it took them like 2 or 3 weeks before it got delivered to my address. They did sent me a text message that it was ready for delivery that day before and they were confirming my address.

Unfortunately, I had to go to an event that day so I had to leave the house. I didn’t realize that they are strict when it comes to delivering a package as the guy didn’t want to leave the orders to my dad. I didn’t leave him an authorization letter because I never had a problem with other services about this.

This is a good sign though that your orders with Goods PH will be left only to an authorized person 🙂
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