Recently, I’ve been exhausting myself too much (which is bad, I know!). I felt restless because I wasn’t getting enough sleep due to deadlines, meetings and events.

I was eating healthy, sure. But the fact still remains that I wasn’t getting enough sleep, which is very important for  the immune system.

I mean, I was still taking vitamins every morning. But why do I still feel weak? It turns out that you don’t get 100% from vitamins that you take orally.

So, when I learned about Renovo Integrative Med‘s Intravenous Vitamin C Drip, I was super excited. It was a much needed treat for my health.

In case you are wondering, the IV Vitamin C Drip is purely vitamin C. It doesn’t have any whitening effects like Glutathione. Vitamin C drip Renovo Integrative Med

My Intravenous Vitamin C Drip experience was painless. I say this because I am not scared of needles. It just feels like a small ant bite. The nurse who was assigned to me had very gentle hands so it didn’t really hurt at all.Vitamin C drip Renovo Integrative Med review

It was a bit hard to look for veins on my hand so we used my arm instead. No problem at all.Vitamin C drip Renovo Integrative Med review

If you’ve been hospitalized and had dextrose, this is what it exactly feels like. The drip lasted for 20 minutes (this depends on your veins) and I wasn’t allowed to move this arm. While on the drip, you should be drinking loads of water to avoid dehydration.Vitamin C drip Renovo Integrative Med review

with Alyssa Tuangco

To be honest, I did feel a little light headed after a few minutes. But the nurse said it was normal and that I should drink more water.

Renovo Integrative Med is located in Quezon City and has a cozy area for your IV experience. Celebrities like Albert Martinez and his kids receive the Vitamin C drip and collagen, etc. here.

Next time, I want to try the Collagen drip (trying to slow down the process of aging, haha!) You can have the Vitamin C and collagen at the same time with no problem at all.

I am so happy to say that I haven’t had a single cough, cold, fever after my first Vitamin C drip. I’ve been feeling more energized as well. This shouldn’t just be one time though, ideally you should be receiving a Vitamin C drip 2x in a month.

Spare a couple of minutes for your health here in Renovo Integrative Med. I’ll be posting what other intravenous vitamin drips are available with its pricelist soon. So watch out for that!

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