Hi guys! How was your long weekend? Hope you got to spend it with your loved ones and friends ❤ I spent mine here in Hong Kong with the boyfriend and good friends by camping by the beach.

Camping in Hong Kong
With Greg, Daniel, Coby, Ben and Nelly

We aimed to leave before 10am from Mong Kok but I had to pack last minute and Greg and Ben were so hungover from the night before so we ended up leaving at 11:30am. Anyway, we walked to the mini bus stop that goes to Sai Kung and paid HK$17 (₱108.62) each. The ride took less than 30 minutes.

Can I go Camping in Hong Kong

Once we got to Sai Kung, we went to Wellcome supermarket to grab food, water, wine, beer, and ice for our camping. We then took a speedboat to Long Ke Wan beach for HK$130 (₱830.24) each. The ride was less than 20minutes.

Can I go Camping in Hong Kong

The weather was beautiful and extremely perfect for a beach trip! It was a bit chilly though for camping for the long weekend in Hong Kong 2017 but as soon as we arrived in the beach. This view just took my breath away!

Beach in Hong Kong

I’ve been to Long Ke Wan before. And I think it is the best beach in Hong Kong!

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As soon as the tents were set up and had a quick dip (the water was still cold), we had our nice ham, cheese, bread and hummus picnic. We had tons of food afterwards but I got busy eating and didn’t get to take photos anymore 🙁

Long Ke Wan Hong Kong

As usual, this wild cow was roaming around and approaching campers to steal food. Ben had a stick to shoo the cow away and had to use it a couple of times. Wild cows won’t hurt you, they just want the food.Long Ke Wan Hong Kong

Our nice camping and picnic set up. We also had a place for the barbecue too!

Camping in Long Ke Wan Beach

Long Ke Wan Beach

I love Long Ke Wan beach in Hong Kong because it reminds me so much of Boracay. Fine sands, clear water, calm waves. My three essentials when it comes to a nice beach getaway.Camping in Long Ke Wan Beach

Afterwards, bonfire was started and we started cooking the food in the barbecue (shrimp, fishball, clams, etc). Around 11pm we ran out of wine and beer. We did a good job stocking up on water and food but not in the alcohol department hehe.

Camping in Long Ke Wan Hong Kong

I didn’t need to drink that much though so I had an early night and was so looking forward to a great morning by the beach.Camping in Sai Kung Hong Kong

To take photos 🙂Camping in Sai Kung Hong Kong

By my amazing boyfriend! ❤

All in all, it was a great weekend in Hong Kong (as usual) and I really recommend for you guys to go camping here. There are no shops around so better come prepared. If you are feeling active, you can hike all the way to Long Ke Wan instead of taking a speedboat. So much cheaper as well.

I took some videos and hopefully I’ll be able to do a quick vlog on it. Fingers crossed!