Disclaimer: I’m not a Rugby fan so this post isn’t about the teams who played at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2017.

I didn’t realize how big the HK Rugby Sevens is until I got to experience it this year. Securing tickets for the 3 day sports event was tricky if you live in Hong Kong as you cannot purchase them. Instead, there’s a public ballot organized by Cathay Pacific/HSBC. If you are lucky enough to be selected from the public ballot, then you have the option to secure those tickets by purchasing them.

Why are there no tickets selling if you live in Hong Kong? The tickets are allocated to people travelling from other parts of the world to watch it here in Hong Kong. You’ll be surprised as to how many sports fan come just to watch the games.

PartyGal Lingerie Manila

My boyfriend was able to get tickets for Friday and Saturday (we skipped Sunday), and I was super duper excited because this will be my first ever HK Sevens! I have no Rugby knowledge and to be honest, I was excited for the atmosphere.

I was told that the crowd in the South Stand all dresses up and its more like a party place. So my first question to my boyfriend was, “what’s our costume baby?”.

Since I was in the Philippines a week before the HK Sevens, I planned to get mine there. Thankfully, the heavens are in my favour as I discovered PartyGal Lingerie. They have a wide variety of costumes plus the prices are reasonable. They can also do Same Day Delivery and Cash on Delivery, how convenient is that!

PartyGal Lingerie Review

PartyGal Lingerie offers sexy outfits and intimates and the shop is based in Manila, Philippines. It is owned by three lovely ladies who believe that it’s fun to be sexy! The website is fully updated so you can check out their collection online and if you like you need to try it on so you can be 100% sure with your size, you can visit their office.

The ladies behind PartyGal Lingerie were super helpful and friendly! The costumes came in well packaged with instructions on how to return it incase you got your size wrong.

For HK Sevens Day 1, I wore the Pirate Senyorita costume. Greg matched me with his pirate costume <3

This whole costume includes:

  • dress
  • hat
  • belt
  • removable sleeves
  • corset overlay
  • skull pouch

The hat on the website is different from the one I received but I prefer this one actually. I may also be wearing it the wrong side but #yolo. Haha!

PartyGal Manila Costume

Curious what my Hong Kong Rugby Sevens costume is for the second day? Watch out for the next blog post!