Yes, you read it right. Here’s another giveaway but this is exclusive for the ladies. Sorry gents, but I definitely have one for you soon! Back story, I’ve discovered Moxie, a feminine care brand when I was in Hong Kong and it turns out it is one of the best-selling brands not just in Hong Kong but also in Australia. I tried using the Moxie Slender Pads and was super happy because I didn’t have any sort of irritation plus I can move freely without worrying about stains on my pants.

moxie hong kong giveaway

Moxie is a game changer when it comes to personal care products. You can now say goodbye to packaging that easily breaks or the kind that screams “I have my monthly visitor” because Moxie is a perfectly purse-worthy, designed with not only convenience and quality, but also with style in mind.

With a variety of ‘Classic’ and ‘Organic’ tampons, pads and liners that are made using the best materials that come complete in unique and discreet, recyclable and re-usable tin compacts, you will thank the heavens for Moxie!

Now, I’m sure you are all curious and maybe wanna try for yourself? Head to my Facebook page and you might just win all these Moxie goodies!

Good luck xx

To know more about Moxie, visit their website and Facebook page.

Photo credit: Moxie Hong Kong Facebook page