Vitamin Sea: Health and Beauty Essentials to Pack for your Vacation

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Summer may be over soon, but that will not stop us from having a quick vacation. I know many of us are taking leave from work, packing our bags and waving goodbye to our homes for a week or two. There are so many things to plan when it comes to vacations and packing can take some time. Swimwear, sunhats, and sandals fill our bags but leave some room for your health and beauty essentials. Here are a few things that you should never leave home without:


It sounds obvious, but the amount of people who still forget to pack or refuse to wear suncream is shocking. So here’s a little reminder. Not only does sunburn ruin any good holiday, but it also poses a serious threat to your health and wellbeing in the long run. There are so many sunscreens out there that there’s bound to be one that you love. Creams and oils tend to be most popular. So find a suitable SPF for your needs (generally speaking, the higher, the better) and slather it on regularly throughout the day.

Don’t forget to invest in a good sunscreen chapstick too! Your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and need some TLC too.


This one isn’t as vital. But a good aftersun lotion will leave you feeling refreshed, soothed and smelling beautiful after a long day on the beach. Look for products containing aloe vera if you have sensitive skin.

Insect Repellant

Depending on where you’re going, you might find yourself targeted by little creepy crawlies. Insects aren’t anything to worry about. But mosquitos are one to watch out for. Not only will they leave you with itchy bite marks, but they can carry all sorts of sickness and diseases. Research your vacation destination before you head away and if mosquitos are a highlighted problem in the area, stock up on insect repellant sprays and make sure to use them every day that you’re away.

Vitamin Sea: Health and Beauty Essentials to Pack for your Vacation

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You’re not going to want a full face of makeup while you’re on the beach. Makeup will melt in hot weather, and the sea can take its toll on even the strongest waterproof mascara. But it’s always nice to get a little made up on the evenings for dinner and drinks. So don’t forget to pack your makeup bag. Consider investing in a pretty bright lipstick for summery vibes and to compliment your tan. For darker skin tones, oranges and reds work perfectly. For the paler amongst us, try a pretty pink. Unless you’re the subject of envy of most and are using Private Jet Charters, chances are you’re not going to be allowed to carry liquids in your hand luggage. So find out your flight provider’s policies on liquids. You’re more than likely going to have to pack your foundations and creams in your holdall luggage.

Vitamin Sea: Health and Beauty Essentials to Pack for your Vacation

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Hair Products

It’s easy to forget to pack your shampoos and conditioners. Most hotels will provide complimentary items along these lines, but they’re rarely quite up to scratch. So make sure to bring along your favorite hair products. Consider packing a deep moisturizing hair mask too. All of the sun and sea salt can dry locks out and leave your tresses with a straw-like consistency.