Picture the scene, it’s the first date you’ve been on in 6 months, and you’ve spent the last three days picking out the right clothes and getting your hair just right, and you wake up on the morning of your date, and you go to the mirror, and there it is! The biggest zit you have ever seen, and it’s hanging right off your nose! Why today? Well, it could be stress, which is something we never even think about, but we’re all guilty of dropping our skincare routine when it’s back to its best! And of course, you don’t have time to head to your trusted dermatologist. So, what’s the trick to looking your best when you’ve got this nightmare hanging off your face?

"Pimple" And Effective Ways To "Spot" The Difference!


The Emergency Options…

Firstly, these aren’t cheap! You are always better off making sure a tried and tested skincare routine is something you do before you go to bed and before you leave the house in the morning. You need to start this and make sure you know the “triggers.” If you have a bad diet, this could be the biggest cause. If you get oily skin, you need to get the right products that cut back on oiliness, and getting a face moisturizer for oily skin and toner needs to be part of your everyday skincare routine. So, as an over the counter option, you might want to get a cleanser or products that have benzyl peroxide, tea tree, salicylic acid, or niacinamide. These all reduce inflammation and dry up the problem area quickly. Failing that, book yourself in for an LED facial, which can be done through a professional facial care specialist, and they can also advise on the best products to use in conjunction with the appropriate LED therapy for your skin. And, if there’s a service near you, you can go for a cortisone injection, which is a very expensive but reliable option. But you shouldn’t just go to anyone, get yourself an appointment with a dermatologist who can go through the possible side-effects. If you are over injected, you can end up with a divot in your skin. But this should be your last option once everything has been exhausted.

The Damage Control Method…

This is all about concealer! The first thing to say is that you should leave a spot well and truly alone, which is more difficult than it sounds because you will be so tempted to get rid of it. But broken skin will be much harder to cover up. Assuming you haven’t touched the blemish, apply the foundation as you normally would, and then draw a cross on the area using a concealer. The concealer should match the tone of your own foundation. You then tap lightly to blend it into the skin. Doing this makes sure that the blemish and the skin surrounding it are concealed. Once the area is blended, put some translucent powder over it to set. If you have a really bad spot, you will need to repeat the method a few times to get it right. It’s always a bad state of affairs when you get a spot, but get a good skincare routine in place, and you won’t need to ever wake up with a soccer ball on your nose!