I think everyone can agree with me that the traffic in Manila is super crazy bad! I really dislike the fact that I get stuck in traffic for more than an hour for a short trip. Such a waste of time, right?

Mister Donut Unboxes Fun in Manila

Luckily, Mister Donut made it more bearable by surprising commuters of free donuts, water and coffee from Glorietta to Trinoma via the P2P bus.

Mister Donut Unboxes Fun in Manila

Mister Donut has been in the industry for more than 2 decades now. It has definitely become part of Filipino’s usual pasalubong as you can easily find a branch anywhere. Mister Donut dine-in branches also offer an impressive menu to satisfy your hunger and thirst.Unbox the fun with Mister Donut

Mister Donut was also giving out a coupon like this to try out the yummy Ube Cake!      Unbox the fun with Mister Donut

Cherry T. Pena, Mister Donut’s General Manager shared with us, “We are grateful to our customers for being loyal to us through the years…We will give them new reasons to have FUN, and we will be offering these in Metro Manila, and eventually all over the country.” Unbox the fun with Mister Donut

First time ever to try out Mister Donut Dine-in branch in Trinoma! And I was so surprised with the food and drink menu. So many choices!Mister Donut Hey, it's Chel

Mister Donut definitely added a variety of colorful and exciting products that will make eating more fun! Mister Donut Brewzees will really appeal to all customers, “especially the younger ones with an on-the-go lifestyle. ” explains Margaret B. Jose, Mister Donut’s Marketing Director.

Mister Donut Hey, it's Chel

Have you tried ordering the Bavarian or Choco Cake Donuts? Did you notice that these all-time favorite donuts have become bigger in size? Mister Donut decided to upgrade them to give the costumers more value for their money.

Mister Donut Hey, it's Chel

Another addition is the Wicked Puffs which are donut puffs that are freshly fried on the spot and served hot (only available in selected shops). You have the options to sprinkle, top or swirl sweet and colorful add-ons (hazelnut, strawberries and cream, Belgian chocolate).  Priced at PHP35 for 6 pieces, Wicked Puffs is a definitely must-try! Mister Donut Pasta

Starting on June 23, these new treats and more will be available in Mister Donut shops around Metro Manila. Watch out for more FREE donuts at certain areas within the city like bus terminals and offices.Mister Donut Chel Inumerable

Make sure you visit the nearest Mister Donut in your area and unbox the surprises with your friends and the whole family.