If you have naturally oily skin, you will know that staying shine-free all day can be quite the challenge. Everyone has different amounts of oil (‘sebum’) in their skin, and it is merely a part of your genetic and hormonal makeup. Often, people with very oily skin tend to age better than those without, because the skin remains supple for longer (and is, therefore, less likely to sag in old age). However, as beneficial as this may seem in years to come, it can often be quite hard to look on the positive side when oil is, at present, the bane of your life! It’s something that can make many of us feel self-conscious, and you might find yourself always checking your reflection in mirrors and in store windows to see how oily you’ve become throughout the day. It might feel as though you are fighting a losing battle against your skin – but if you know the expert’s hints and tips, you can manage to stay in control of your shine. Staying Shine-Free When You Have Oily Skin

Use a matte foundation

Whether you wear makeup every day or just on special occasions, it can be worth investing in a matte foundation designed specifically for oily skin. Many types of foundation are oil-based, meaning they are sleek and easy to apply onto the face. However, it also means that they can react badly with the natural oils already in your skin, causing even more unwanted shine to appear. Avoid any foundation that claims to give you the ‘dewy’ look (unfortunately this is one style you’re probably going to have to put on the backburner) and instead opt for something that describes itself as matte. Matte foundation formulas tend to be quite thick, so you might not need a lot, and you tend to get better results if you apply with a brush or a makeup sponge.

Set your makeup in place

One of the most annoying things about having oily skin is that even if you leave the house with perfect makeup, there’s a chance that it may have all slid off your face within the hour anyway! Use a primer first to set a base for your foundation and concealer, and, once you have applied the coverage you want, set it with a product like RCMA no color powder. A translucent powder will give you a matte finish without adding excessive color to your face (so if you do want to add bronzer or blush, you can do so after).

Avoid certain skincare products

When your skin is producing a lot of oil, it can be tempting to wash your face frequently, as many of us have a misled opinion that oil is dirty or greasy. But too much washing with too many products can actually end up triggering even more oil production, which is the last thing you want! Opt instead for a simple, gentle skincare routine made up of a foaming cleanser, and an exfoliating scrub you can use a couple of times a week.