I’ve been on a boat/yachts a few times already but mostly during junk parties in Hong Kong. My boyfriend on the other hand, sails, and recently had a nice vacation with his family sailing around the Caribbean. My experience with Tom’s Cruise – Bed on Board is quite unique and memorable because we slept, showered (basically what you do in a hotel room) and cruised aboard it.

Starting from the basics

Tom’s Cruise Bed on Board is located at Punta Fuego Yacht Club. You can find him on Airbnb or Tom’s Cruise – Bed on Board Facebook page. The rate starts at P10,000/nett per night and I highly suggest to book early to secure the dates that you want. Also, make sure that the weather is fine so you can enjoy your marina glamping.

For transportation, (disclaimer: I am writing based on my experience) we hired a car who picked us up from the airport and drove us directly to Punta Fuego Yacht Club. Luckily, I know her personally so we felt safe. The drive was less than 3 hours. Once you get there, the caretaker, Joel, will show you the boat and everything else that you need to know. There’s a free car park area too if you choose to bring your own vehicle.

I’m sure there’s a way to get there via public transportation. Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question. When you book your stay, I suggest you ask sir Tom. He is very responsive and friendly.

Punta Fuego Accommodation

Let’s go inside, shall we?

Tom's Cruise Bed on Board PriceTom's Cruise ReviewReview of Tom's Cruise Bed on BoardReview Tom's Cruise Bed on Board

Stove, hot water, drinking water, cooler, basic dinnerware and cutlery are provided. Plugs to charge your electronics and fans are also available (this is a solar powered boat, hence why there is electricity).

Review of Tom's Cruise Bed on Board

The bathroom has a marine toilet with holding tank, sink and a shower. Basic toiletries are also provided. I’m not fussy when it comes to showering, as long as I’m squeaky clean, I am good.

Tom's Cruise Bed on Board Review

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Above, on the flybridge, there are seats where you can enjoy the view. The aft cockpit has enough space to lounge around and enjoy a glass of wine or maybe a bottle haha. The foredeck allows plenty of space for sunbathing during the day, or lie under the stars at night.

Tom's Cruise Bed on Board ReviewTom's Cruise ReviewTom's Cruise Bed on Board ReviewTom's Cruise Bed on Board PriceReview of Tom's Cruise Bed on Board

There are 2 bedrooms on this boat but we only got to use 1. It was very spacious and the mattress was comfortable to sleep in. Blankets were also provided. There is a skylight above the bed where you can stargaze when tucked in.

We had a wedding to attend to in the morning and we didn’t have to worry about leaving our stuff because there’s a 24-hour security. Kuya Joel, the caretaker, was also within the area during our stay.

What else can you do in Punta Fuego Yacht Club?

When you book with Tom’s Cruise – Bed on Board, endorsement to the club to enter the premises and to use the beaches is included. Marina facilities include restaurant/bar overlooking the water, toilets/showers. Watersports rental is also available. Free shuttle bus to main clubhouse and beach where you can snorkel and swim.

The bar/restaurant in the marina is open between 8am-8pm where you can buy food, drinks and ice. We weren’t able to do some groceries so we had our meals there. I suggest that you buy outside so it’s cheaper. Remember, there’s a kitchen aboard, so you can definitely cook what you feel like having. I was told that you can also request the restaurant to cook your meals for a minimal cooking charge.

Tom's Cruise Bed on Board Punta FuegoWhen we were there, the weather wasn’t really the best. The next day after the wedding though, we got a good 2-3 hours of sunshine, so we managed to cruise around the nearby beach coves. My boyfriend really liked it too but says that “too bad that the sail boat was not able to sail”. If it did, it will be my actual first time to be on a sailing boat. We were cruising using the motor not by the wind.

Tom’s Cruise – Bed on Board has lifevests, snorkels, tools for fishing, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards that can be used. We borrowed the snorkels and saw a lot of fishes (if you will be doing this too, don’t forget to bring some bread or snacks to feed the fishes so they will swim close to you!). We didn’t have a GoPro with us but it was definitely better than snorkeling in Puerto Galera.

If you have drone, it is allowed to fly it around the area. Too bad that my boyfriend lost his during his trip to China 🙁

Tom's Cruise Bed on Board Punta Fuego

If you will be staying here, don’t forget to tip Kuya Joel! We did before we left because he was very helpful and accommodating. We didn’t have any problems during our stay at Tom’s Cruise – Bed on Board. I super recommend that you experience a marina glamping, it’s perfect not only for couples but also for families. He has 2 other yachts/boats so make sure you inquire based on how many people and what exactly you are after so you can get the best out of this experience.

I reached out to Tom’s Cruise – Bed on Board and was provided with complimentary accommodation in exchange for my review and honest opinion.