Holidays are something that everyone looks forward to. This is especially true for those who have planned out of town or out of the country vacations, alone or with their friends or families. When most people hear the word vacation, they are probably thinking of a quiet day at the beach, lounging around, drinking some cocktails and enjoying the sunset. While that is an ideal scenario for many, some active people look forward to engaging in sports even while on holiday.

Good thing that there are many places that recognize this desire of people and have adapted their activities to answer those needs. If you’re looking for your destination for your next holiday, check out some of the places and activities you can do below.

5 Great Places to Travel on a Sports Holiday

5 Great places to travel on a sports holiday

  1. Surfing at Polzeath – head on over to Cornwall, England for a beach holiday. To make it even better, take surfing lessons and learn a new skill in just two hours. Even if you’re not a beginner and you’ve been surfing for years, the surf at Polzeath can still be challenging and will surely satisfy an adventurous surfer. If you’re done for the day, you can head onto one of the many resorts and enjoy swimming in indoor pools or relaxing at the spa.
  1. Golfing at Portugal – serious golfers that going golfing even during a holiday is required. It is a skill, after all, and should be practiced consistently. But even if you’re just starting, you can still go golfing even on vacations. Portugal may not be your first choice when you think about a golfing holiday, but they offer a lot of beautiful golf courses that you can choose from. If you’re interested, check out these hotel and golf packages in Portugal. You’ll get to enjoy a stay in a luxurious hotel and enjoy your favorite sport at the same time.
  2. Skiing at St. Moritz, Switzerland

5 Great places to travel on a sports holiday

if you’re planning a winter holiday instead of a summer holiday, St. Moritz is the perfect place. This picturesque place offers a great vacation for adrenaline junkies who love speed. They can go skiing at the famous Cresta Run, where they can go up to a speed of 140 kph. You can even go during the annual St. Moritz World Cup Polo show to see the games.

  1. Learn polo at Argentina – there are so many activities that you can do at Argentina. You can check out the Bombanero Stadium, which is home to the football club Boca Juniors or if you want to try something a little different, learn how to play polo instead. Just make sure you know how to ride horses first before you try the sport!
  2. Sailing at Cyprus

5 Great places to travel on a sports holidayif you’re not really a fan of surfing, you can try sailing instead. Cyprus is the perfect place as you have the amazing sea view and the perfect Mediterranean weather. The great thing about sailing is that you can enjoy it with your family as a whole, so don’t forget to pack your lunch and enjoy a seaside picnic on a boat.