Couple of weeks ago, I was feeling super sick and just wanted to rest. But I still had some stuff to do so nope, that was not an option for me. Between debating if I should just stay at home to rest or run some errands, I received an invite from Carla to have dinner at Grind Bistro with 50% Discount from BigDish.

BigDish Discount 50% Grind Bistro BGC

I haven’t been there so I was keen to try it out. Bonus part was when she said that our total bill will have 50% off discount because of the BigDish app!
Grind Bistro BGC FoodGrind Bistro BGC Food

Dining at Grind Bistro in BGC Net Park

Grind Bistro BGC Food Grind Bistro BGC Food
I super love the interior and ambiance of Grind Bistro. Its perfect for friends, families and even couples.Grind Bistro BGC Food

Grind Bistro BGC Food

I arrived a bit earlier than Carla and Harvard so I started with the garlic fries with aglio olio dip. The fries is a bit too salty for me though…
Grind Bistro BGC Food

Because I wasn’t feeling well, I wanted to have some soup. Carla had Tomato Bisque Soup (220php) while I ordered their Asparagus Soup (220pesos). We enjoyed it but also noticed that it was a little watery?

BigDish Discount 50% Grind Bistro

Nutty Black Chicken (595pesos)

First time I’ve ever had this so we were so curious when we saw it on their menu. The description says black tempura, hazelnut romesco, and sweet chili sauce. This is our favorite from everything that we ordered. The chicken was tender and flavorful.

BigDish Discount 50% Grind Bistro BGC

Harvard then ordered Grind’s Gourmet Burger (750pesos). I didn’t get to try this though.BigDish Discount 50% Grind Bistro BGC

Hangar Steak (795pesos) medium rare

Served with fries and flour coated asparagus which was then deep fried to make it crispy. I ordered and enjoyed this especially the asparagus. The steak was a bit chewy though.

BigDish Discount 50% Grind Bistro BGC

Double Porkchop (695pesos)

Not sure if this was Carla or Harvard’s order, I got to try a little bit and I liked it. Though I dont think this was the best porkchop I’ve had. It’s definitely great for sharing, that’s for sure!

BigDish Discount 50% Grind Bistro BGC BigDish Discount 50% Grind Bistro BGC

For the drinks we ordered their Mudslide (350pesos) and Chocolate Hazelnut (225pesos). I tried it both and liked them. The Mudslide is an alcoholic drink and tastes like Baileys. The chocolate hazelnut is a non alcoholic one and perfect for chocolate lovers!

BigDish Discount 50% Grind Bistro

S’mores and Hot Cocoa (380pesos)

Toasted marshmallow with vanilla ice cream and chocolate covered chips. Upon serving, hot cocoa is slowly poured to cover the entire cauldron. This was our second favorite in Grind Bistro.

The staff of Grind Bistro in BGC Net Park is super accomodating and nice. I wasn’t able to try out all their offerings and would definitely come back!

And in case you are wondering, here’s our total bill that shows the 50% discount from the BigDish app (drinks are not included).

BigDish Discount 50% Grind Bistro

Register and dowload BigDish app so you can avail of the 50% discount! They have a lot of partner restaurants too, so check that out.

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