Everyone wants to travel. If not all, but most of us for sure. However, traveling remains a luxury a lot of people cannot afford. Plane tickets alone can already cost hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the destination you are heading. And it does not end there. When traveling, you also need to plan ahead where you are going to stay, where to eat, and where to wander around. All of these things can require you to shell out some cash. However, if you are wise about it, you can actually travel at a minimum cost, and even sometimes, for free.

Here are 5 Tips on how to travel on a budget:

5 tips on travelling on a budget

  1. Plan ahead.


This is probably one of the most important things that you have to do in order to save money on traveling. When planning ahead, you can take advantage of some deals so you can save money for an upcoming trip. Planning ahead will help you avoid paying for additional expenses while on the road.


  1. Choose accommodations that will allow you to cook your own food.


One of the biggest expenses you would probably incur while traveling is food, especially if you are traveling for longer periods of time. It’s fine to splurge yourself to a fancy restaurant every now and then. However, if you want to save money, one of the things you can do is cook your own food. You can do it if you choose accommodations such as homestay or through Airbnb. If you want to know read experiences of how other travelers saved money through that, you can read on TravelFreak and also learn a few things on how to travel cheaply.


  1. Know where you are going.


A lot of times, travelers get ripped off when they do not know where they are heading. Upon arriving at the airport, know the distance to your hotel and know beforehand how much the fare would be. If going to a specific destination, do a prior research on possible expenses you are going to spend while you are en route. This will prevent you from shelling out more money than expected.

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  1. Book your flights ahead.


There are lots of promo fares you can take advantage of an all-year round, but you can also get even more discounts if you book your flights ahead. Most airline companies offer discounts as much as 99% off on plane tickets if you book ahead. You just need to regularly check these deals every now and then.


  1. If you can avoid traveling by air, hit the road instead.


Depending on the destination you are heading, you probably don’t need to travel by air. If you can, try traveling via bus, train, or even drive. It is relatively cheaper to drive than fly. If you opt to travel for the open road, you can also simply stop at several destinations, and you no longer to spend money for transportation. You will also have easier access to look around for cheap hotels and affordable food spots.

Do what makes you happy ❤

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