Adventures are best enjoyed when you have the right tools and equipment. Especially when you are planning an outdoor adventure, you might encounter natural phenomena such as rain and even wild animals, so you better be prepared for every scenario that could happen.

While most people already know what necessary equipment they should bring, such as rope, compass and the like, many fail to realize just how useful a splitting maul can be for travels such as these. Many recognize the splitting maul as a useful tool during winter, as it helps when making wood for a campfire, but there are still many uses to the splitting maul, and they can be handy in outdoor adventures.

5 Reasons you may need a splitting maul on your next outdoor adventure

Check out some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a splitting maul and bringing it with you in your next travel

  1. To split firewood – whether it’s hiking or at the beach, it’s a great idea to have a campfire for you and your friends to enjoy. Of course, if you have a campfire you would need firewood. While firewood may be bought at stores, for those who would like the whole outdoor adventure experience, making your own firewood is an essential experience. A  splitting maul is the perfect equipment to bring with you in such occasions.
  2. To clean areas of big rocks – if you ever wanted the experience of roughing it in the wild, don’t forget to bring a splitting maul. In areas where there are no designated campgrounds, you would need to clear a space where you can set up your tent and sleeping areas. It would be hard to do that if the space is full of big branches, shrubs or even rocks. The splitting maul can help clear that away for you.
  3. To pound stakes into the ground – the splitting maul can also be used when you need to set up your tents for sleeping. You want to make sure your tent is secure and would not be blown away by rough weather. The blunt edge of the maul can be the perfect for that. If you tried to do it with other tools that cannot take the pressure, it might get damaged, so better to bring this splitting maul instead.
  1. For protection – there are many things you can encounter when going on an outdoor adventure, and some of them may be unpleasant. TO ensure that you are doubly protected, you can bring this tool. The sight of a big splitting maul can deter some wild animals and maybe even some persons who may prove to be dangerous.
  1. For emergencies – in case of emergencies, such as when you’re stuck somewhere and you need to get out, you can use the splitting maul for that. Of course, you don’t want to be in that kind of situation, but it truly better to be prepared instead of regretting not having this type of tool in the end.

To give you some choices, check this site and find the best splitting maul for your needs.The great thing about buying one is that you know it will be a worthwhile investment since it has so many uses, in and out of the house.