5 Reasons To Stay At A Safari Lodge For Your Next Vacation

There are many places to travel to when on a holiday and it can be hard to choose between one location over another. Most of the time it comes down to money, things to do, and what others you are traveling with want to do on their trip. While there are many places to visit in the vast world, some rank higher than others on the bucket list of all time trips. Take for example, staying in a safari lodge in Africa. What an amazing opportunity that would be, right? This article will highlight some reasons as to why you should stay in the safari lodge of Angama in Kenya for your next vacation!

5 Reasons to stay at Safari Lodge for your next vacation

  • The ultimate camping experience. If you love to camp, you will surely love to stay in a safari. There are several camps throughout the property with tents suites that are spread out along the Rift Valley. Many describe the experience as staying at a place between “heaven and earth.”  
  • Walking safari. One of the best experiences of staying on safari is experiencing it on a drive or by sipping your coffee in the morning and watching wild game wander by. Going on a game drive can be a unique experience as you are traveling throughout the safari and can come across a variety of animals and see plants, and other wildlife that you have never seen before. There are not many places in the world that you are able to see lions, tigers, and other animals. No matter what time of day you go on safari, you will have an outstanding time!
  • Hot air balloon ride. You can find and hire reputable companies to take you on a hot air balloon ride around the area. The best time to go on a hot air balloon ride is early in the morning as the sun is coming up. If you have an interest in seeing the borders of Kenya and Tanzania, taking a hot air balloon ride is a great way to get a bird’s eyes view of the land. If you are afraid of heights, you can still enjoy the beauty of hot air balloons in the morning while you have your cup of coffee. You will be able to see them float by your tent early in the morning.

5 Reasons to stay at Safari Lodge for your next vacation

  • Bird watching. Just like the amazing wild animals that live on the land, there are gorgeous birds that fly throughout the sky and can be quite a delight to see. Coffee and tea are quite popular at the safari lodge and many take their time in enjoying their hot beverage while watching out for birds and other wildlife.

5 Reasons to stay at Safari Lodge for your next vacation

  • Extracurricular activities. There are several different camps on site that provide tents, facilities, and planned extracurricular activities for guests. Whether you are interested in finding a good book to read, working out in a lovely fitness room, swimming in the pool, or participating in a beading workshop, there is something for everyone to do while on safari. Perhaps one of the best parts of the experience on safari is that the facilities are open to the outside so you will not miss out on the great view.

How about you, what you would you like to do if you’ll be staying in a safari lodge?


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