I’ve always loved Ford cars because they look so chic and comfortable. So when I was invited to drive around Intramuros and Binondo in the Ford EcoSport, I was beyond ecstatic!

We all met at Stacy’s in BGC for breakfast and that’s where we learned our assigned teams. No, there was no competition, it was just so that we know who we will be car pooling with. I was with Johann Aguilar and Ina Jacobe.

Johann was our designated driver while Ina was in charge of the music and navigation (though we had walkie-talkies from the Ford team to ensure proper communication).

We super loved the Ford SYNC connectivity system. Its super user-friendly that allows the driver to easily answer calls, play music, and navigate through the city without having to go through his/her phone.

We were all talking about how bad Manila traffic is and had our fingers crossed that we wont encounter it because lets face it, driving around Manila can be hellish. But with Ford EcoSport, it became more enjoyable.

How so? Ford EcoSport is super compact from the outside but once you’re inside the car, you’ve got so much room (can fit up to 5 people!) – so A++ for comfortability! We were able to manuever around Manila and the small streets of Intramuros and Binondo with no troubles at all.

To make sure that we were well equipped to capture how our day goes, we were taught by the best, Ardie Lopez, on how we can take great photos! I surely learned a lot and will definitely practice the tips and tricks he shared during the session.

Places we visited:

1. Dong Bei Dumplings in Binondo Manila.

First time I’ve been back for a very long time here in Binondo. It’s also my first time to make Kutchais! If I live close by, I could definitely see myself coming back here.

2. Ongpin Mañosa in Binondo Manila

Infamous for having the best siomai and Maki Mi – homemade noodles bowl with thick sauce, garlic and pork cutlets (Johann taught us that by adding black vinegar to the noodles, it gives it more flavour!). Ongpin Mañosa is also considered as one of the best restaurants in Chinatown.

Ford EcoSport Chel Inumerable

3. Philippine Mingsheng Wenyang Sports Association

With all the food that we ate, we found ourselves walking towards the building where their gym/office is located at. We got to learn some basic wushu moves and some quick dragon dance routine. When we arrived there, students were practicing and wow, at the back of my head, I thought it was easy but it takes a lot of coordination and body strength!

Ford EcoSport Chel Inumerable

4. Rizal Park Hotel

The Ford team decided to spoil us by giving us an overnight stay at the beautiful Rizal Park Hotel. We freshened up, had a nice dinner buffet and then for the last stop of the day, we went down to Intramuros for a night shoot. Subject? Of course, the sophisticated Ford EcoSport!

Ford EcoSport

5. Intramuros

Ford EcoSport Chel Inumerable

Again, its been a while since I came back here. Well lets be honest, the only time I was here was for the school’s field trip and that was ages ago! Its great to see that Intramuros is well-kept and super safe, with guards patrolling around.

Here are some photos that I took of the Ford EcoSport in Intramuros:

Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport Chel Inumerable

Me, trying to look as good as the Ford EcoSport, haha!

After we were done taking photos, we drove back to our hotel, had our windows rolled down and sang to Queen Bey’s songs.

We had a good night’s rest and a super fun-filled day with Ford EcoSport. The Rizal Park Hotel’s room was super spacious and the bed was really comfy! I wished I could stay in bed all day long but I was ready for the breakfast buffet too – #foodislife.

I could say that the Ford EcoSport is the perfect car to drive around the city (its compact, sleek, efficient and roomy) and even for out of town trips – really wished we got to try it though! Maybe next time?