I’ve always been insecure of my underarms since forever. Probably because of how the mainstream media brainwashed me that you should have a flashing white underarms, even though you’re tanned skin. Otherwise, you will be ridiculed by people for having dark underarms 🙁 That’s the harsh reality of living in the Philippines. So, what I did to cope up was to never show my underarms in photos nor in public haha!

Underarm Whitening Skin Philosophie

It doesn’t really look that dark, uneven is the right term. Thankfully, Dra Kyla of Skin Philosophie guaranteed me that I have some hope!

Underarm Whitening takes a lot of patience and the length of the treatment will depend from a person to person. If you’re one of the lucky ones, 4-6 sessions will do. It is best to consult with Dra Kyla to know more about it.

The Process

The attendant will start by gently cleansing your underarms. She will then proceed to trim any hair as to not interfere with the chemical peel that will be applied by the nurse.

The nurse will apply the chemical peel aim to improve the skin color and will stay with you to know if there are any stingy feeling. Which I did not have.

After a few minutes, the attendant will then rinse your underarms and then you’re good to go. It only takes a few minutes for this treatment and you should come back after a month for your next session.

The only downtime for this treatment is that you shouldn’t be using any harsh deodorant after a few days to not irritate your skin.

I’m super duper excited to see and share the results to all of you. I suggest that you visit Skin Philosophie as the usually have promos 🙂

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