So, it appears that you have decided to choose London as your holiday destination. You have your essentials packed in your best luggage, best suitcase brands, and best spinner luggage. You should count your blessings as there isn’t a dearth of famous landmarks you can visit in London; you can now finally see the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster, also widely referred to as the Big Ben. However, you will need to replenish your energy levels every now and then during your visit, as getting to places can become tiring. And, if you need to revitalize, you should consider visiting cafes. Without beating about the bush any further, here are 5 of the best cafes in London that you must visit while on vacation.

5 Of The Best Cafes In London That You Must Visit While On Vacation

  1. Kaffeine

The Australian or New Zealand-style café, Kaffeine, is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in London. Since its inception in 2009, the café has done well to establish itself in the saturated market. What makes the coffee in this café so good is the fact that it comes from Square Mile Coffee, London’s award-winning roaster. In addition to serving coffee, the café also serves delicious salads, soups and sangers etc.

  1. Monmouth Coffee Company

If you consider yourself a caffeine connoisseur, you will be impressed by the coffee served in this café. In addition to serving coffee, the place also sells whole and ground organic beans from hand-picked estates, single farms and cooperatives. The employees there all wear hemp aprons and they are certainly not bothered with writing your name on your cup! So, if you are not a big fan of the coffee served in mainstream cafes, you should consider paying a visit to this café.

  1. Wilton Way Café

The Wilton Way Café is situated just north of London Fields and is the home of London Fields Radio, a small local station that hosts interviews and creates podcasts on a regular basis. The café boasts of a unique appearance that is enhanced by the use of recycled apple crates as makeshift tables. The coffee served there is outstanding and the food on the menu hits the mark too. Some of the popular food choices include toasted snacks, portobello mushroom, and avocado on toast etc.

  1. Rapha Cycle Club London

So, what makes this particular café so great? Well, the café serves stellar coffee and uses beans from Sweden and Germany. Located in Soho, London, the place not only operates as a café, but also as a cycle clothing shop. The café offers a variety of food and also shows live cycling events on big screens. Hence, if you are a cycling and coffee enthusiast, you must visit the Rapha Cycle Club London.

  1. Story Coffee

Story Coffee is easy to locate. Situated close to the busy Clapham Junction, you will see a row of red Vespas line up outside this tranquil spot. If you are a big fan of green food and creamy coffee, you will not be disappointed with the offerings of this café.