With so many islands around the Philippines, I know I should be exploring them all. But there’s just something about Boracay that makes me keep coming back to her.

Every time I come to visit, I seriously just want to stay a bit longer (aka forever). I did actually consider moving there too!

Boracay is quite accessible, you have an option to take a plane or a ferry, depending on your budget and how many days you can allot for the travel. I haven’t tried taking the ferry via 2go to be honest, all I know is that it takes a day and that the closest port from Manila is in Batangas City. My suggestion though is to always keep an eye on airline seat sale to score the lowest fare and if you can, you should always choose Caticlan airport.

Of course, you could always keep an eye out for a travel package as well. This is especially useful if you are visit Boracay for a short time and want to make sure you get to see and do everything you like. Booking a Boracay package through a travel agency can also save you money, and help you find the flight deals.

Once you’re in this beautiful island of the Philippines, here are my personal must-see and do in Boracay.

Boracay Island

  1. Food

Real Coffee for breakfast because of their French toast offering. This is also the same place where you can get those Calamansi Muffins as a pasalubong. There’s also a place along Station 2 that you can get Acai Bowls. I usually skip lunch because I’m just lounging by the beach, but I make sure that I have a cocktail or beer in my hand. If not, it will be fresh shakes from Jony’s. And for dinner which I highly suggest to everyone visiting Boracay: Sea Breeze (Boracay Regency Beach Resort) for a delicious and worth it buffet.

  1. Relaxing Massage by the beach

I know not everyone is a fan of getting a massage by the beach but I’m not one of them. I love hearing the real ocean waves while getting a cheap massage. Don’t be fooled by how affordable it is, the therapists are all well-trained and good.

  1. Parties

Depends on which month you visit, there’s usually big parties happening here. If you opted for a more quiet season, I suggest Exit Bar or even the Mad Monkeys and Frendz Hostels. Epic in Station 2 is okay too.

If you just want to have a drink while watching the sunset, Spider House in Diniwid is the perfect place to just chill out during the afternoon to nighttime.

There are usually boat parties happening too so make sure you book a day earlier to secure your spot.

  1. A Place to Relax

Since Boracay is becoming more and more developed, it is understandable that a lot of tourists are flocking in. It’s a bit hard to find a place for you to lay your sarong down to tan. I suggest walking towards the end of Station 1, its less people there and a bit peaceful.

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  1. Cliff Jumping and other activities

I suggest to allot a day to go to Ariel’s Point. I forgot the exact price but its an all-inclusive rate with food and drinks and other activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. Ariel’s Point is also famous for cliff jumping, so if you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you should give it a go.

Helmet Diving, Snorkeling, Parasailing, Sunset Sailing and island hopping are great too.

If you’ll have more days to stay in Boracay, you should definitely check this list of 25 Best Things to Do in Boracay.

I hope this helps if you’re planning to visit Boracay. If you have other stuff that you would like to add, feel free to comment it down below. I would love to know what you guys do in Boracay!