Colorado beaches are truly unique, especially with the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountain along ocean coastlines. The beaches here are unlike those you will come across in coastal areas. A trip to those beaches in Colorado will be one of your most memorable ones. You can sunbathe, swim, camp or build sandcastles, or discover secluded coves and inlets. Just bring your umbrellas and lather on lots of sunscreens. Enjoy clean, crisp water that comes straight from the mountains. Do not get anxious about accommodations or where to stay. There is a wide range of options available form rentals or budgets hotels or luxury restores. For those on a romantic holiday, honeymoon cabins in Colorado will level them spoilt for choices.

Top Beaches in Colorado

Dillon Reservoir

You can enjoy kayaking, fishing, boat tours, canoeing, fishing, sailing and lots more at the Frisco Bay Marina. Relax anywhere along the 25 miles of shoreline that is surrounded by mountain peaks. The sandy beaches look warm and inviting. You can take guided boat tours or enjoy stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, canoeing, sailing and lots more. The sandy beach is perfect for catching rays as it is surrounded by mountain peaks. You can expect some outstanding and spectacular scenic moments.

Medano Creek

Head towards the Great Sand Dunes National Park, where you will come across the tallest dunes in North America. Explore the sandy hills or relax on the beaches of Medano Creek that allows one to cool off in the fresh spring runoff. You can surf, wade, and skim board. Float, or indulge in sand sculpting. There are both non-motorized and non-mechanized activities to enjoy on the creek. Many visitors love exploring the sandy hills. The Creek remains popular and enjoyed by all ages.  This is one of the only Creeks in the world that experiences surge flow. The water rushes downhill in the meltwater creek, which is fed by snowfields. This is what makes it great for consistent low-key tubing and bodysurfing.

Blue Mesa Reservoir

Blue Mesa Reservoir, located in the Curecanti National Recreation Area is the largest body of water in the state. It means that you will find plenty of lounge-worthy beaches and abundant options for recreation. The desert between the Montrose and Gunnison communities opens up into a vast landscape of sparkling blue water and talus-sloped hills. You’ll find good swimming areas, although much of the shoreline is rocky. There’s nothing more refreshing than enjoying a cool swim after a hot day in the sparkling sapphire waters. Kokanee Salmon fishery certainly makes it an angler’s paradise. Curecanti National Recreation Area boasts of two full-service marinas – Elk Creek Marina and Lake Fork Marina.

Boulder Reservoir

Boulder Reservoir invites visitors from within the state and beyond. The multi-use recreation facility is spread across 700 acres. You will find walkers, runners, and cyclists sweating on the trails that surround the reservoir. Later, one can relax on the sandy beaches and cool off after taking a swim. Enjoy other activities such as water skiing, fishing, boarding, boating and wildlife viewing. Do not miss the chance to explore this multi-use recreation facility that keeps the reservoir buzzing with loads of fun and activities. The water is clean, and it is a wonderful place to paddle. The sand beaches spread all along the South Shore, and there are playgrounds and lots of sun. You can rent the Sailboats.

John Martin Reservoir

John Martin Reservoir is indeed a peaceful paradise in Colorado’s plains. Located in State Park (Hasty). , the Reservoir with mild weather allows for plenty of perfect beach days. Reserve a campsite along Lake Hasty and plan a great vacation on the water. Take advantage of spectacular conditions for a wide range of wind water sports and enjoy uncrowded boating and waterskiing. Recreation lovers to explore the John Martin Park that s close to historic landmarks. The river-fed warm water and sandy bottom beaches welcome swimmers each summer. It offers spectacular conditions for water sports. With more than 400 bird species, the reservoir is indeed a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Jackson Lake State Park

Jackson Lake State Park is like an oasis amidst the eastern plains of Colorado. The warm water and sandy bottom beaches attract both swimmers and by water skiers Ranked among the top. Park Beaches, Jackson Lake is must if you are passing through Colorado. The state park boasts of many secretive geocaching locations, and the participants make use of GPS to locate hidden containers with treasures. Birders and hunters are attracted by the Park because of the migratory bird. Wildlife viewers wait for the quiet winter months when they can excellent opportunities to spot the hearty wildlife. You can go for picnic and camping in groups here.

Grand Lake

Situated near the Rocky Mountain National Park, in Grand County, Grand Lake attracts visitors for swimming, fishing, kayaking and other water sports. It is here where the pristine shores meet the Rocky Mountains. You can either rent ski boats, pleasure boats, pontoon boats or fishing boats or bring your own. Spend some quality time at the largest and deepest natural lake in Colorado. With more than two hundred campsites, it is no surprise to see campers year-round. Jackson Lake remains one of the high altitude lakes and is surrounded by pine tree-covered hills. What makes it a perfect beach destination are the sparkling blue waters! The largest natural lake is just a perfect spot for scenic lounging.