There are many ways one can benefit from the public transportations system in any country. There are trains, buses, and airplanes that move people from one point to another. However, not all these modes of transportation are affordable to all people. Not everyone can use air transportation on a day to day basis. It may also not be affordable for one to take a taxi to work on a daily basis. For people who would love some comfort when traveling on public transport, and at affordable rates, they will need to consider the Uber Cab. Here are 3 top ways to use public transportation when traveling.

The top 3 ways to use public transportation when traveling


Uber is a global transportation company that relies on technology to connect cab owners and riders or travelers. The company operates in over 600 cities in the world. The Uber cab drivers use their personal cars, or rented cars that they operate through the Uber Mobile App.

Now, anyone who has downloaded the Uber app can request for Uber taxi services from a driver at any nearby point.  The app connects the driver and the riders such that travel through Uber is a seamless experience. When you download this app for the first time, you qualify for up to $15 in free trip credit. This would enable you to use this credit for your travel needs. So how to get the free ride from Uber? This is a question that many people may have on their minds. Well, all you have to do is download the Uber rider App from Google Play or from the Apple App Store. You need to create your account and tap the “My Account” button. Then tap the “Promotion” tab and input your promo code. Your account will be credited with the amounts on offer, after which you request for an Uber cab and take your first ride that will be discounted appropriately

The Bus System

The bus system is a well-organized mass transportation for most towns and cities. It is so easy to travel on the bus as all one needs is a bus ticket. Whether one is in the United States, Britain or in any other country, there are organized and timed buses that can be used for the local travel or for long distance travel needs. Bus passes or travel cards can be purchased from the offices of the bus operators so that one has ease of boarding the buses and using them as a means of travel.

It is also possible for one to use the 24-hour buses that operate throughout the day and night. Bus transportation system could be one of the cheapest ways to travel from one place to another. The advantage of the bus system is that there are many buses that operate in a timed manner. There are countless bus stops that are well signposted and offer info about the various timed buses that one can utilize.

Tram or Streetcar

Tram, also known as streetcar is a vehicle that runs on tracks on urban streets. These tramcars run on the tramways and they do not cover long distances like railways. They also run between cities and towns and in some cases, they can also run between countries.

These forms of urban transport are very common in the developed countries and are a major means of mass transportation of people. To enjoy the best fares on trams, one would need to buy tickets in advance. There are seasonal tickets that can also be availed for the people who want to save more.

How about you, which public transportation do you use the most while traveling?