Umgawa Legendary Adventures in Langkawi Malaysia
Langkawi in Malaysia is probably one of my favourite places in Asia. There’s so much things to do in this island and yes that includes, ziplining through the beautiful rainforests and waterfalls! Umgawa Legendary Adventures is an eco-tour that offers the highest and the longest ziplines found in Langkawi. It features spectacular views of the Seven Wells Waterfalls (Telaga Tujuh) – which is another popular tourist attraction, rainforest and the ocean.

Umgawa Legendary Adventures is located at Jalan Telaga Tujuh on the northwest part of Langkawi Island. It is about a half-hour ride away from where I was staying via Uber.

Trivia: The word Umgawa is what Tarzan echoes as he swings across the trees in the deep jungle.

The first zipline slot for Umgawa Legendary Adventures begins at 8.30am in the morning, and ends at 3.30pm daily. They run at a 15 minute interval with a maximum number of 9 guests per slot. The entire adventure lasts approximately 3 hours. Minimum age is 5 years old and the maximum weight is 120kgs.

Umgawa Langkawi Review

As soon as I arrived, we were welcomed with the story behind Umgawa and was asked to sign the waiver form. When I was ready, I was then strapped into the harness and was handed with Umgawa bandana to be worn underneath my helmet.

Umgawa Zipline Langkawi
Umgawa Zipline Langkawi Review

We were assigned with two wonderful tour guides who gave the safety briefing — if failed to follow the rules, the tour can be terminated for safety reasons. They explained what to do and what NOT to do on the training rope.

Umgawa Langkawi Hey its Chel


You aren’t allowed to bring your bags hence lockers are available to store personal belongings.

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I got a bit preoccupied with this sweet lazy cat in the waiting area haha!

Umgawa Langkawi Hey its Chel

After everything was settled (aka me petting the cat), we then took a short ride to the starting point of the eco-tour.

Umgawa Langkawi Chel Inumerable

Umgawa Legendary Adventures offers 12 ziplines and 3 sky bridges, which are all connected through tree crowns.

Umgawa Langkawi Hey its Chel ReviewUmgawa Langkawi Malaysia Review















I felt super safe all throughout the experience! So you remember how I mentioned that there are two guides with you right? The first guide will go ahead first to show you how it is done and will be waiting on the other side. Then the other one will attach the pulley to a steel rope so you can zipline your way through the next tree. The guide who is waiting will then catch/stop and unhook you. While waiting for the rest, you will be attached to the next rope wrapped around the tree. Hence, you are definitely secured all the time!

Umgawa Hey its Chel

Our guides educated us on the trees, plants, animals and how old the forest is. We learned which of them are poisonous and which parasitize other trees.

Safety is very much observed in Umgawa. The course and cables are EN certified and the rangers are well-trained.

Umgawa Chel Inumerable

The longest zipline is approximately 200 meters and has a view of the majestic Seven Wells Waterfalls. You can also see it from afar when you walk through the hanging bridge.

Umgawa Review

Umgawa Legendary Adventures is not just the typical zipline activity. It really is an eco-tour because our guides were both knowledgeable about the rainforest and the wildlife. They were super funny too as they kept entertaining us with great stories!

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The tour ends with an abseil that takes you down to the forest floor. How cool is that?

I highly recommend Umgawa Legendary Adventures! I had such a great time and I feel like I conquered my fear of heights. It was such an amazing experience that I will forever remember.

Umgawa Legendary Adventures
7 Wells Waterfalls – Jalan Telaga Tujuh,
07100 Langkawi, Malaysia.
Contact numbers: +604 – 950 2828 or +6013 – 343 8900
Facebook: Umgawa Legendary Adventures
Instagram: @umgawalegendaryadventures

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Disclaimer: This is a complimentary zipline activity from Umgawa Legendary Adventures but as usual everything expressed here is entirely my own.